An Educational App Review and Resource Site
An Educational App Review and Resource Site

Teachers With Apps, a prominent resource for aggregating quality educational apps. This site helps parents, educators, and caregivers wade through the vast number of ”educational” apps being introduced on a daily basis. Remember, not all educational apps are created equal. Jayne Clare, a 30-year veteran Special Education teacher, and tech enthusiast manages this site along with a handful of teachers, therapists, and interns.

Elpida Voulgari
Elpida VoulgariAvokiddo
Jayne Clare has a deep understanding of what makes a solid educational app and working with her on Avokiddo ABC Ride has been highly inspiring! She not only offered invaluable guidance tailored to our needs but also went the extra mile by providing insightful ideas and creative twists that surprised and delighted us. She was very responsive, dedicated, friendly and worked hard to make sure that we were completely satisfied. Looking forward to working with her again on our future apps!
Suma Raju,Founder & CEO of award-winning start-up creating educational apps for kids 4-12
Suma Raju,Founder & CEO of award-winning start-up creating educational apps for kids 4-12Cognitive Kids
Jayne Clare is an edtech expert and evangelist. Her ability to combine daily classroom experience with effective use of technology to further learning provides her with a unique insight into the types of products that meet educational needs, both now and in the future. Jayne has a very high bar for quality and the highest level of integrity, which makes her an excellent “independent” voice. We have enjoyed our interactions with Jayne and look forward to continue to work with her.
Bruce Brown
Bruce Brown eSkills Learning
It is cheaper to pay a $200 consulting fee than to develop a product and get it all wrong. I have been publishing for 30+ years. I have the wisdom of mistakes!
Niels Vanspauwen
Niels VanspauwenBookWidgets Co-Founder
Getting advice and straight-up critique from experienced people, working in the trenches every day, is invaluable to anyone building apps for education. It's the little things that make the difference between a great app and not being rewarded for months of hard work.
Kyle Tomson
Seeking advice from experienced teachers is absolutely necessary when designing educational apps.  I won't release an app unless I have consulted with a group of teachers.  Not only do they keep me out of trouble, but their experience about what works and more importantly, what DOESN'T work leads to apps that teachers and parents love out of the gate.  It's better to hear about all the problems with your app before it is released then to read about the problems on iTunes.  I highly recommend this service.
Allisyn Levy
Allisyn LevyBrainPop
Jayne Clare is an experienced educator with her finger on the pulse of mobile learning. Jayne’s passion to share the best educational apps out there through her work with Teachers With Apps is inspiring and serves as a valuable online resource. I’ve worked with Jayne when she was a guest blogger and featured guest on a webinar on BrainPOP Educators, and have always been impressed with her willingness to share her expertise with others. Teachers With Apps is exactly the kind of resource I’d want if I were still teaching!
Anne Glick
Anne GlickOne Globe Kids
Consulting with Jayne at Teachers With Apps has been extremely helpful.  She provided very clear and concise recommendations for making our app more accessible to teachers and students in the classroom.  Nearly equally important, she provided an invaluable look at the educational market landscape - where it is now, where it's headed and how we can support it along the way.  We will continue to seek her insights."

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Mobile devices have been making in-roads into the learning space since their debut. The mobile tablet, especially, will continue to progress to the head of the class. To salute this ongoing trend, we aim to acknowledge outstanding apps and app developers in the education app industry that go above and beyond excellent. To apply for our next round:

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