2016 Tiggly Education Grant Program

On April 21st, 2016, the White House recognized Tiggly for its contribution in advancing early STEM learning and Tiggly made a commitment to take part in the national effort in promoting early STEM learning. As part of this commitment, Tiggly is launching their first annual Education Grant to ensure more students have access to the most advanced early learning manipulatives in the market.Two schools will be selected to receive grants of $2,000 each, which can be used to implement Tiggly products in their school. The Tiggly Education Grants will be awarded to a Title I elementary school and a public, charter, or private elementary school. Tiggly Grant Form

** Those who are applying for the Title I grant will have the option to add two iPads into their implementation.

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: July 1st, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST

20150313_104359Why does this news matter? Technology has provided many great benefits to education, including access to new content, opportunities to be endlessly creative, and improving teacher efficacy. But as technology evolves the landscape of the classroom, there is an overshadowing problem that is exacerbated by its use. Technology in education can contribute to the growing achievement gap based on socioeconomic factors (like race and class). As technology provides endless opportunities for those that have it, many students lack the resources (or have limited access) and thus are left behind – especially when it comes to exploring STEM content. Unfortunately, many low-income students who do have access to technology often use it for drill-and-practice exercises, compared to their peers of a higher socio-economic status that use technology to expand on creativity and research.



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