images-10We have your target audience! And for a limited time we are having a Spring SALE!

Teachers With Apps offers prime advertising space! Take advantage of this cost-effective way to reach thousands of digital enthusiasts and increase your product awareness and increase sales. Our audience is a constantly growing, global community of parents, administrators, teachers, therapists and students who believe in the power of mobile technology in helping educate and lead our children and students to success in living and learning. We get  300,000 unique visitors per month, have 20,000+ Twitter followers, and a large group of educators/parents in our Facebook Group EdAppTalk.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to what our satisfied advertisers have to say:

“Teachers with Apps has been a tremendous platform for advertising BugbrainED
products. We have been advertising for almost a year and it is a strong source of leads
for us. We wholeheartedly endorse TWA and recommend it to other app developers.”
– Al Viera, President
BugbrainED LLC

If you would like to advertise your app(s), your company, or product on our site, please see the options below. Then complete the 5 easy steps and you’re on your way. All ads must be paid in advance via PayPal before they will be displayed. Be sure to include the preferred email address for us to send the invoice.

Sliding Banner Ad – Like a Billboard on the way into the iTunes Store, your ad appears at the TOP of EVERY page and post (above the review section). Viewers simply can’t miss it! 600 x 200 Ad. Again, clicking on your ad will take viewers to the link you provide.
Rates for two months:
600 x 200 – $400

Shuffling Sidebar Ad – Create a constant presence on TWA. Sidebar Ads appear on EVERY page and post. Clicking on your ad will take viewers to the link of your choice. Sidebar ads shuffle, which means every ad gets a chance to be in those coveted top slots, garnering the most visibility. *Top Sidebar Space is not in rotation.
Rates for two months:
225 × 225 – $250
*Top Sidebar Ad space – $375
(This space reserved for 225 x 225 ads only, and is exempt from special rates)

Footer AdFooter Ads appear at the base of EVERY page and post (above the comment section). Viewers simply can’t miss it! Your choice of a 225 x 225 or 600 x 200 Ad. Again, clicking on your ad will take viewers to the link you provide.
Rates for two months:
225 × 225 – $250
600 x 200 – $350

Please send the following to

1.  Company Name and Product Name.
2.  Your Ad image, sized: 225 x 225 (Sidebar Ad) or 600 x 200 (Sliding Banner & Footer Banner).
3.  Start date and End date. Note: we only offer monthly advertising
4.  Your link: eg: your website URL or the iTunes store
5.  E-mail address to send the invoice, via PayPal.

* Teachers With Apps is a reputable App resource site that is trusted by its readers to provide honest reviews of educational Apps. Advertising with us will not influence our reviews. We only feature apps that meet our standards. In addition, we reserve the right to reject requests to advertise products that we do not deem appropriate for our site.

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