Animal SnApp: Farm, by Nosy Crow, is a STEAL at $4.99! This is the kind of app that keeps kids wanting more, and asking to return to again and again, when put aside. Parents, you might have these six darling tales memorized before long and able to recite them in your sleep. This book app is better than good, better than great, Nosy Crow has put all the right ingredients and blended them perfectly to make Animal SnApp truly outstanding. Spectacular, sensational, and yes a steal, so purchase this soon to be classic and share it with a child today!

Animal SnApp: Farm combines traditional book-like storytelling with digital innovation.

First off, we don’t know who had more fun with this app, the children or us. The book begins with a slide feature, a fun mix & match game; by swiping the top or bottom of the screen and you can create quite an unusual creature. When they match – bingo, a story unfolds with that farmyard animal. All six stories include wonderful animation, catchy music, fabulous artwork and endearing & adorable narrations by different children throughout.

All six stories are full of rhyming and alliteration, have fun with with the lovable characters: Lucky Lamb, Gobbly Goat, Cuddly Cow, Portly Pig, Diggity Dog and Higgledy Hen. Each animal has their own story and all have similar plots, in that the animals are in need of something and on a mission to find it.  The characters wait patiently for kids to touch the hot spots on each page for the story to unfold. Tap the characters to trigger additional dialogue and animation. When it is appropriate to turn the page a blue arrow appears and gently nudges one along. The usual options are provided for a choice of either: read to me or read by myself.  Nosy Crow has thought of everything including choices of how long the text will stay on the screen (short, medium, or long) when the child reads alone… and of course text highlighting is included. Rhyming and predictability of the story support early literacy.

Kudos to Axel Scheffler, of the Pip and Posey series, he has done a splendid job illustrating these stories and the merger of art and animation is seamless. Nosy Crow never disappoints, and each and every app they release is simply magnificent!

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