reviewsAnsel and Clair: Triassic Dinosaurs is Cognitive Kid’s third and final app in their incredible dinosaur trilogy. Join them and travel back in time with Ansel and Clair (and their spaceship) to another dinosaur dig site. There you will find Mr. Bones, the paleontologist that needs help digging up and assembling dinosaur bones.  The developers once again bring perfection to every last detail and kids can’t get enough of Ansel and Clair, the two intergalactic stars of all of their apps.

This time, it is back to the oldest time period, 200+ million years ago when the planet’s continents were still stitched together to form the landmass Pangaea, also known as the big super-continent. urlKids are not only learning about dinosaurs, Cognitive Kid has made it possible for us to be exposed to as much information as possible during this remarkable prehistoric time frame. Students get so caught up in this app, they have voiced that they feel as if they are right alongside their two alien friends and partaking in the amazing adventures together. Marley, the spaceship, is their means of time travel and carries their gear, a camera, and a journal that kids can write their findings in, as well as add photos of all the different creatures and plant life cycles. As teachers, we really appreciate this added bonus of having the kids write directly into a journal for later assessment, its a great way to record what they have learned. Ansel asks the questions and Clair always has the detailed answers. Cognitive Kid sure does live up to their two Mission statements:

  • To encourage children to think, ask questions, make connections, synthesize information and develop higher order learning skills
  • To instill a love for learning that will carry on from a child’s early years to throughout their adulthood

This app has what’s called deeper learning, this simply means the learner analyses new information, links or connects it to previous knowledge, and applies it to what has been learned and future experiences.  Ansel and Clair: Triassic Dinosaurs has your child participating in exploratory play and loving it. Cognitive Kid definitely knows how to instill a love of lifelong learning!

This app boasts spectacular interactions & animations, stunning visuals; puzzles & games… And once again all the games and puzzles are designed with increasing levels of complexity, which enables kids to progress at their own pace. Both Ansel and Clair are endearing characters.  By watching the two of them asking and answering questions, children get wonderful exposure to an array of different concepts that beckon for further exploration, giving this app an extended shelf-life… just like all the other Cognitive Kid apps.  You can work in chronological order – start with Triassic, move on to the Jurassic and end with the Cretaceous period or follow the order the apps were released in… or just mix it up. Any way you do it, your child will be thrilled and learning! Click on the links to read Teachers With Apps reviews.

The whole Triassic adventure is a seamless blend of education and entertainment. Dig for fossils, put them back together, and go back in time to see the Earth morph into one super continent called Pangaea before interacting with the earliest dinosaurs.  Take pictures, make notes, and collect stickers. Mix and match body parts – make your own 3D dino – mini game. Throughout the app, science, history, geography and geology are incorporated in a fun, contextual manner and taught through Ansel’s critical questioning and Clair’s encyclopedic knowledge, and you will be amazed at how much kids will learn without even realizing it.

Don’t miss out on another outstanding learning app by Cognitive Kid, Ansel & Clair: Paul Revere’s Ride. And keep your eyes peeled for Cognitive Kids next app, Little Green Island. An app to teach children about all about the environment, pollution and their own footprint. A super fun app that lets kids create a green utopia while fixing various pollution that happens throughout the game.

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