Ansel and Clair’s Adventures in Africa, by Cognitive Kid Inc, is an INCREDIBLE app that explores and teaches the wonders of Africa via two endearing extraterrestrial characters. This FIVE STAR educational app will keep your kids engaged for hours! This app was designed to take advantage of every possible component of the multi-sensory experience of the iPad. Explore three interactive locales in Africa –  the Sahara Desert, the Serengeti Plains and the Nile River Valley. Kids learn about all different kinds of landforms, the importance of water and how if effects climate, various habitats, major landmarks, and many exotic animals. There are literally thousands of fabulous facts. The deliberate use of fostering critical thinking skills, problem solving and inferencing, play an important part in making this app a top notch educational tool! This game teaches children using cross curriculum techniques by incorporating all different subject areas. Geography, History, Science, Math, and ELA skills are all intertwined.

Ansel and Clair are the two endearing inter-galactic explorers that lead kids through a thrilling learning journey. Ansel and Clair’s mission is to discover and explore the diverse continent of Africa. Ansel is the curious photographer and asks all the questions. The photos and info are automatically added to their travel diary along the way. Clair, a robot, is an encyclopedia of information and shares her “ClairVision” when you tap the light bulb. There are 50+ screen overlays and text boxes and 30+ contextual hyperlink illustrations. The great part is that kids can either read by themselves or simply listen. In addition, as if the kids really need any more motivation, they find scattered pieces of their spaceship, Marley, at every leg of the journey.

From the Developers: “Groundbreaking Educational App! Spectacular interactions and animations, stunning visuals, quests, puzzles and games bring learning to life. Kids are sure to have hours of fun exploring and learning!”

Cognitive Kid creates engaging, immersive, interactive, thematic educational applications for touch screen devices. Our company was founded in 2010 by two parents passionate about preparing children to be successful and competitive in the 21st century. Our products combine thought provoking educational content with engaging gameplay and thrilling interactions that keep children engaged and entertained. While our products aim to teach and reinforce concepts, they answer not just the “what?” but also the “why?” and “how?”

Our Dual Missions: To encourage children to think, ask questions, make connections, synthesize information and develop higher order learning skills and to instill a love for learning that will carry on from a child’s early years to throughout their adulthood.

Kids begin by seeing an awesome 3D globe. When they touch and spin the globe they learn the name and locations of all seven continents and the five oceans. Once children have found Africa, their destination, they will be transported to one of the three areas to explore and discover. In the Sahara Dessert you have the option of exploring during the day or night. A puzzle will let you switch from one time to the other. Here you’ll learn about nocturnal animals, tent life, the idiosyncrasies of camels, extreme temperatures, and experience a full-blown sandstorm! Visiting the Serengeti Plains provides kids with experiencing both wet and dry seasons as they are exposed to extreme weather differences.  They’ll learn about animal migrations and watch snowfall on Mount Kilimanjaro.  The Nile River Valley is packed with learning opportunities about the Pyramids, Sphinx, Pharaohs and other ancient history as well as an in-depth exploration of its unique environment. Interact with the maze puzzle to find sacred treasures mastering different levels of difficulty. We have had some fierce competition of who mastered the highest level first! This app came along just as my sixth grade class was finishing up studying ancient Egypt. The students gave the app an initial road-test last week and I haven’t been able to get them off since.

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  2. […] Ansel & Clair’s Adventures in Africa by cognitivekid is a Social Studies/Geography app which combines thought provoking educational content, with engaging gameplay and thrilling interactions that keep children engaged, entertained and learning. While Cognitive Kid aims to teach and reinforce concepts, they answer not just the “what?” but also the “why?” and ”how? questions.  Spectacular interactions, animations, stunning visuals, quests, along with, puzzles and games, bring learning to life. We first used this app last spring, in a sixth grade classroom, while they were studying  Egypt. The kids loved it, never felt that it was below them and they continued to use it throughout the year. […]