The BEST Educational News/Current Event Apps – All kids need and want to know about current events, adult news shows and sites are often inappropriate for a young audience for a multiple of reasons. The apps and site here offer stories of interest to kids and are curated exclusively for students. This list contains kid-friendly NEWS to help find out what’s happening in the world around us, whether at home or in a school setting.

mzl.pfyujsuh.175x175-75-1News-O-Matic, Daily Reading for Kids, by Press4Kids continues to make a big splash in the educational, device driven, digital news. Teachers With Apps originally wrote that, until now… there wasn’t an app for that and News-O-Matic continues to be King in this realm of apps! News vetted for children with relevant content, not sensationalized, and developmentally appropriate for elementary school age children – simply brilliant! This app is being used both in the classroom and out, daily. Teachers who cover and/or assign current events are loving News-0-Matic. Audiences of all ages have been delighted with the selection and variety of the articles, as well as its user-friendly layout. A qualified children’s journalist, with experience in non-fiction text, writes each and every article. Teacher input and an on-staff child psychologist review all articles before press-time ensuring emotionally safe content. One of the things Teachers With Apps is most impressed with is the professionalism and integrity we see in this publication, as well as filling a much-needed void. FYI – the app is updated daily at 3:00pm so that students can get the latest news after arriving home from school and teachers will have time to prep for the following day as they know what to expect.

mzl.qmzbioyb.175x175-75Press4Kids recently launched the NEW News-O-Matic, School Edition 2014-15, an educational news app for elementary and middle school students has just been released! This groundbreaking app for all Apple mobile devices, covers current events, sports, science, and much more, in an innovative and kid-friendly way, helping young readers experience the news in a safe and interactive manner, and encouraging them to become well-informed global citizens. News-O-Matic creates a news experience that engages, educates and entertains. And kids can interact with the Editor-in-Chief in the “News Room” section of the app, by rating stories, drawing pictures, asking questions or expressing opinions about current topics. News-O-Matic also adds value for educators by providing a daily Teacher’s Guide with precise lexile levels and correlations to the CCSS, which includes discussion topics, comprehension questions, and graphic organizers that will further reinforce knowledge across many subject areas. The News-O-Matic Teacher’s Guide will help educators inspire kids to become habitual news readers throughout the school day as part of any content area.

BrainPOP-Icon-150x150BrainPOP Featured Movie (geared for 3rd Graders and up) is a tried and true favorite of Teachers With Apps! It’s perfect for providing prior knowledge on topics in the news and beyond. There are fresh videos added often on a plethora of topics – everything from famous figures, world history, and science to curricular subjects. This app features an informative, amusing, animated movie everyday and is accompanied by an interactive quiz that keeps your score. In addition, this app has an option, for “More BrainPOP”, which is a sampling of movies from BrainPOP’s various curriculum areas, available everyday on their website. If you like what you see in the app, you may consider subscribing to their website. BrainPOP Featured Movie is simple, clean, and great fun for the whole family. It offers wonderful opportunities for family discussions. This app comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by TeachersWithApps and don’t hesitate to try it with younger children. This app is exactly what kids need.

imgres-5Barefoot World Atlas, by Touch Press, transformed its World Atlas into a phenomenal learning tool! Teachers With Apps originally wrote in our review how we learned that this interactive atlas is the result of a yearlong partnership between award-winning children’s publisher Barefoot Books and Touch Press. Teachers and parents of younger learners needing a more interactive hands-on way to explore and absorb important knowledge about the world around them will find everything they need with this one app. Barefoot World Atlas is a brilliant creation. It’s an information-rich resource for the iPad that engages learners of all ages and makes sure that you are immersed in the culture of every area you visit, as well as all the senses. What’s new, the addition of lots of expansion packs with more in the pipeline. The bottom line…. Barefoot Atlas needs to be on every iPad that is used by children!

imagesWeb based Newsela | Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events is another great resource for students to garner child centered news. They cover science, money, law, health, the arts, kids, and have a section called war & peace. This site is a wonderful resource for teachers and students, best part – you can adjust reading lexile levels to differentiate the difficulty of text complexity instantly. Parents and Educators don’t miss this one! Newsela builds close reading and critical thinking skills. Give your students a new way to climb the staircase of nonfiction reading comprehension, from fourth grade to college-ready. Newsela automatically gives each student the version of an article that’s just right for his or her reading ability. And an easier or harder version of each article is just a click away.

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