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imgres-1imgres-2These two new releases from Oceanhouse Media are awesome apps to have on your iPad for whenever the need for creativity and imagination spark, or boredom looms. Lynn Gordon is the author/designer of this wonderful series of game app cards, originally published by from Chronicle Books. When the apps first came along there was something familiar about the distinct art work and game card concept. Low and behold, after a bit of research, we realized that these same packs of activities had been around in a printed version when our own children were little. They were carried by a delightful local toy store that just happened to be owned by my sister! Our kids had quite a few packs, we know first hand they contain great activities that really draw children in. Lynn Gordon, with her wonderful simple style, has a total of 65 packs of “52 Things,” with Chronicle Books (they are not all for children). They have been around since the mid-nineties and it is cool to see them resurrected into a 21st century novelty. Now that Oceanhouse Media has the licensing, we are sure to see more titles added.

52 Fun Things to do on the PlaneSCard52Plane_05SCard52Plane_03SCard52Plane_06

Keep children happy and occupied with 52 Fun Things to Do on the Plane app. Enjoy an assortment of fun games and engaging activities for kids of all ages, from puppet shows and word puzzles to craft projects and storytelling games. Perfect for families on the go, this whimsically illustrated app is sure to curb boredom for kids traveling on an airplane or waiting at the boarding terminal. It’s the ideal carry-on app for imaginative kids! Turn an in-flight magazine into an engaging game, transform your mid-flight snack into an instant work of art: with 52 ways to keep kids busy, happy, and occupied in the air or at the boarding terminal, this revised and updated deck is the traveling child’s essential carry-on item.

Sample card:


With a partner, look around the plane and try to remember as many details as you can. When you are ready, shut your eyes. The other person then asks you questions, from how many seats run across the plane to what color hair the woman across the aisle has. After ten questions, switch roles so that you are now asking the questions.

With 52 Fun Things to Do on the Plane card deck app you can:

  • Enjoy 52 different kid-friendly games and activities
  • Swipe between cards or shuffle them
  • Flip cards over to see the corresponding trick
  • E-mail cards to friends

52 Cool Tricks for KidsSCard52TricksForKids_03-1SCard52TricksForKids_08-1SCard52TricksForKids_07-1

Amuse and intrigue your family and friends with this fun card deck app filled with easy-to-perform tricks. This whimsically illustrated app is packed with 52 imaginative tricks, including Live Volcano, Genie in the Bottle and Disappearing Coins.

Sample card:

Materials: 6 pennies
1. Lay down 6 pennies and ask a friend to set them up in two rows of four pennies each.
2. They’ll struggle until you put one penny on top of another and then place a penny on all four sides of the stack, making two rows of four pennies!

With 52 Cool Tricks for Kids card deck app you can:

  • Enjoy 52 different kid-friendly tricks
  • Swipe between cards or shuffle them
  • Flip cards over to see the corresponding trick
  • E-mail cards to friends

*Materials Not Included

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