admin-aja175imagesBugbrained’s 8 Great Word Patterns is a no-nonsense suite of apps to help early learners conquer reading. All of these apps are simple and follow the same formula to ensure success. Teachers will love how specific these apps are and reluctant learners will feel confident with the familiarity of the format; the BUG theme makes everyone smile!

Many students struggle with word recognition or what is known as decoding, which is a major cause of fluency and comprehension difficulties.  The 8 Great Word Patterns series of apps fills in any holes struggling readers may have with phonics. The 8 Great Word Patterns Diagnostic app, which is where you should start, is FREE.  This app determines at which level students should start.

The really unique thing about these apps is there are 3 Research Projects going on to assess the impact these apps are making. Preliminary results last year showed significant growth on standardized Reading tests.  The 8 Great Word Pattern apps are a series of 11 apps developed to help students work and master word patterns.  These individualized apps provide practice building words from their sounds.  The students trace each word and write the word without seeing it to solidify their understanding.  The practice uses progressively more difficult word patterns.pasted image 239x211-u3261  These apps were built on the work of Dr. Gary Moser, Ed. D., who has a doctorate in Reading and over 20 years experience working with struggling readers. To begin using these word pattern apps, students should take the “8 Great Word Patterns Diagnostic” (a free app) to give an estimate of where to start.

TWA had the pleasure of meeting the developers at Bugbrained. The inspiration for the Bugbrained apps has come directly from their backgrounds. Bev, a reading specialist, was retiring and wanted to continue to give back and help kids. She also wanted to make affordable apps a teacher could afford… about the same price as a bag of candy! Her partner Al, a businessman with a background in computer technology, was thinking about the possibilities of iPads and tablets in schools. He predicted they would change education forever. What a TEAM!

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The unique thing about all of our apps is that they are based on the common core and include an assessment that can be used as a pre or post test. These scores are retrievable by the teacher in the Parents/Teacher section and can be recorded, without connecting to a website or putting private information out on the web.
Bugbrained is soon to release its third Math app aimed at teaching and encouraging the use of multiple strategies.
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