bowl_Icon_512x512-300x300Ansel & Clair: American Bowl, by Cognitive Kid, earns a perfect score! Once again, Cognitive Kid has developed an incredibly engaging, motivating game app, with substantial academic content. Students LOVE it!

Students that field-tested this app were enamored with the ability to unlock new bowling balls which kept them playing and learning for great lengths of time. There is something innately rewarding in leveling up and American Bowl keeps kids on their toes in more ways than one. The questions can be chosen from a bevy of topics and mixed and matched in any combination, all involving the United States. Teachers can assign specific content areas for students to work in pairs or individually; the game naturally lends itself to either group or solo play.  We especially liked that the categories contained really meaty content, perfect for ramping up a child’s exposure to all things American. A true learning experience. Categories range from Amazing Americans, Black History, Who Said This? – Famous Quotes, to Woo-hoo for Holidays. The category that garnered the most action was Legends in Sports. Basically, Ansel and Clair have all the bases covered when it comes to all things American. As always, these two endearing extraterrestrial characters deliver a superior learning experience that is amazingly fun, educational, and totally wholesome!

Our beta-testers rarely came up for air, but when they did they all agreed upon one thing – more play time! One thing that really stood out was how proud and aware the kids were when the game continued to automatically challenge them.

Ansel and Clair’s Adventures in Africa made it’s debut several years ago and this incredible company has been continually developing state of the art learning games ever since. Check out Paul Revere, Little Green Island, and the Trilogy of Dinosaur apps: Triassic Dinosaurs, Jurassic Dinosaurs and Cretaceous Dinosaurs

These FIVE STAR educational apps developed by the Outstanding Award Winning Cognitive Kid will keep your kids engaged for many years to come! Yes, that too – an extended self-life! Your kids will not outgrow this game any time soon. Best Part? It’s a steal right now, as its introductory price is a mere $.99 cents,

◆ 1,000+ Questions with explanations and interesting / fun facts
◆ Answer a question correctly to bowl
◆ Knock down bowling pins to free a Bald Eagle and win custom bowling balls
◆ Earn Crazy bowling power-ups for correct answers
◆ 3 Difficulty Levels: Easy, Medium and Hard
◆ Learn & Celebrate the United States & its people in 14 Unique Categories such as:
▪Important Events: From 1607 to present; Colonial settlements, First Flight, moon landing, Declaration of Independence, Louisiana Purchase, Lewis & Clark Expedition, Suffrage and Civil Rights Movements
▪Amazing Americans: Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Frank Lloyd Wright Inventions and Discoveries: Inventions such as the airplane, Polio Vaccine, assembly
▪Our Rules Rock: Branches of Government, Bills, Amendments, Rights, Citizenship
▪She’s a Trailblazer: Be inspired by women who paved the way: Amelia Earhart, Sally Ride, Helen Keller, Susan B. Anthony
▪American Revolution: Founding Fathers, Continental Congress, Declaration of Independence, Key Battles & significance, Heroes & Villains, Minutemen, Hessians, Valley Forge, Delaware Crossing
▪Black History: Learn about key events, their significance and celebrate the achievements of people like Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Justice Thurgood Marshall, George Washington Carver, Martin Luther King Jr. Toni Morrison, Dr. Ralph Bunche and more
▪Other Categories: Symbols, Legends in Sports, Holidays, Landmarks and Landforms, States & Capitals, Vocabulary


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