Back to School: Part Two – Apps to LEARN about the USA

images2-150x150Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure – A Fingerprint Network App, by Fingerprint Digital, is an adorable doggy tale app that kids can’t seem to get enough of! Lola and Lucy leave the comforts of the Baxter home only to return realizing that they have always had an important job there. With options for both picture book or chapter book, they’ve got the reading levels covered so that it’s great fun for the whole family. These two puckish English bulldogs embark on an exciting adventure across the USA looking to find their purpose in life. Lucy is the smart one and Lola – ah well, she is just crazy! We witnessed first hand how much fun this app is, as the kids return to it again and again. They simply can’t get enough of these two endearing characters! The story also exposes children to the geography of the United Sates with an interactive map highlighting different destinations. Read Full Review

mzl.hlfbgbzd.175x175-75-150x150Geography Drive USA, by Spinlight Studio – No more boring maps and memorizing facts. Students will be delighted to learn about geography in a whole new, fun, exciting way.  First go on a road trip in a sedan… with increasing money, earn a pickup. Ultimately, earn a racer in your choice of colors, courtesy of the Lincoln Garage or one of the other two garages available for a total of three players. These garages can be customized with your name, colors and logos. You can keep track of accomplishments with your very own trophy case of over sixteen different trophies and the game based newspaper will keep track of player achievements. Questions cover current as well as historical events.  Try the bonus games and traveling state fairs. Read Full Review

mzl.oiepevzl-1State Bingo and Road Trip US, by Niyaa Apps, is totally educational, exceptionally engaging and aesthetically pleasing. It also completely encompasses Common Core Standards and differentiated modes of play. This app has so much to offer, learning-wise, and is so much FUN!  Our students had a difficult time leaving this app to work on math, science or any other content on the iPad. Yes, this app has it all, including “Pep” the car. Buckle up and take a ride to discover amazing US destinations. Travel to random destinations or choose to drive along the historic Lewis and Clark trail. Enjoy the entertaining animations as Pep cheers you along. When you win the game you get to send states to statehood. Read Full Review

changing-americaTo Be Free, by Smithsonian Institution, This was a tumultuous time in history and this app is perfect for helping kids understand this era from a slave’s perspective, while simultaneously helping them understand the big picture of the Civil War. This app is an eye opener into, not just facts and figures, but real lives. The teachers learn right along with the students with To Be Free, which is the way it should be. Remember, make no assumptions about kids having prior knowledge on any subject. An interesting dynamic was explaining why slaves had such different experiences, depending on who owned them. And the fact that slaves in Texas didn’t even know the Emancipation Proclamation had taken effect until several years later is a great example of how far our modes of communication have come. To Be Free is an exquisite app, as it turns kids on to learning a part of history that we all should be more aware of! Read Full Review

prrIcon_1024-300x300Ansel & Clair: Paul Revere’s Ride, by Cognitive Kid – Cognitive Kid is one of those companies that will go down in history as being one of the first to develop outstanding learning content, where discovery is the model & play is the focus, where students love it as much as the teachers and every school considers it a must have! Cognitive Kid Changes The Way History Will Be Taught With Ansel & Clair Ride With Paul Revere. Let’s share some feedback from the students during round one. When kids were asked to respond why they thought it was a good way to learn, the responses were plain and simple. “Because it teaches important history stuff in a fun to play way.” Or, the let me get right to the point comment, ”Made boring history fun.” Kids approached this app eagerly and surprised us by the amount of time spent exploring and discovering each individual scene with complete focus. Read Full Review

imgres-51Presidents vs. Aliens by Dan Russell-Pinson This classic app take a different approach and makes learning about the presidents out of this world! As you learn presidential facts, quotes, nicknames and historical events, you can use your knowledge to help the presidents defeat the aliens. Fling the presidents at the aliens to knock them down. Use the many special objects and “Executive Powers” to increase the fun! Made by the developer of the popular Stack the States geography app.

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