Elevated Math Takes Students to Another Level

admin-aja175imagesElevated Math, by Elevated Lab Press, is a completely kid-friendly app designed to entice, engage, entertain, and educate kids in a very empowering way. This app is for the older student. Middle school math, algebra through data analysis, are thoroughly covered.

The kids love it! They can move through a particular lesson at their own pace and repeat an explanation until they gain understanding

Elevated Math is jammed packed with two years worth of math instruction into one succinct app! There are 172 lessons that cover five of the common core math standards: Numbers and Operations, Measurements, Geometry, Algebra and Data Analysis. Lewis Hall knows the best way to teach this content is to break it down in small increments. He has managed to grab student interest with kid level humor; this app draws players right in and keeps them playing and playing.

More good news, the developer recently updated the in-app purchases in a major way!
1. The user interface is now simpler and is easier to find lessons
2. It's now available on the iPhone (by a lesson on one and you can use on both the iPhone and iPad)
3. The in-app purchase prices have been slashed in half. Before the lessons were $1.99 each a la carte, but now, the lessons are reduced to .99 cents. All the bundle prices also got slashed too!

In addition, Elevated Lab has introduced four print apps. The Teacher apps are worth checking out with thousands of writable .pdf files. The teacher notes for each lesson are amazing! Check out the app: Teacher and Student Print Materials for Algebra, Data Analysis.

Here is what we love: the series includes career driven videos that answer the age-old question of  “Why do we need to learn this stuff?” These mini-documentaries focus on a wide variety of individuals who are using math in their everyday, yet very cool jobs. The twenty videos include everything from a  jazz musician to a chocolatier. Teachers With Apps selected Elevated Math as one of the TOP apps of 2012.


We witnessed delight in the eyes of every student who played Elevated Math. A comical cartoon always precedes the mini-lesson outlining the topic. Each lesson contains between 13 and 45 minutes of quality animation to guide students toward understanding and solving math concepts and word problems. Some of the lessons even include hands-on experiments so the student can test out their new skills. Every lesson is entertaining, educational, and fabulously fun! BTW, there is also a glossary of terms with their definitions available when needed.

Adapted for the iPad, students are enabled to learn at their own pace, review instruction they are struggling to understand, and skip areas they know – all with the swipe of a finger. They no longer have to wait for a teacher or be embarrassed. Math is now fun and students approach this app without fear.

imgres-1These lessons had their start in 2001 when Joe Irby formed BestQuest Teaching Systems and began creating these lessons with the conviction that all children can learn when provided with the appropriate tools, effective instruction, and a supportive environment. Dr. Maryscott Glasgow, a classroom teacher, and university educator joined the company the next year to direct the production of Algebra’scool and Math’scool educational software. These programs are now used in over forty states, in more than 1,500 school districts and 11,000 classrooms. Over a million students have learned math from lessons in these programs. The goals are to teach higher order thinking skills and address every learning style (audio, visual, and kinesthetic) in order to reach all students, even those who are struggling. They strive to create lessons that improve the competitive edge of students, engage their senses and arouse their interestWhen Apple introduced the iPad, Lewis Hall and Elevated Lab Press acquired the rights to adapt the lessons for this device. Gleaning the feedback from teachers who have used these programs, Lewis and Maryscott (Scottie) re-edited, revised and updated the lessons and assessments, adding enhancements, such as a whiteboard on which to work out problems and over 14,000 interactions to give the student more immediate feedback. These enhanced lessons together with the technology of the iPad produce an educational tool that is unsurpassed in quality and teaching effectiveness, at less than 1/10th the original cost.


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