2091-1-elly-book-13-the-gardenElly Book 13 – the garden, by Dipali Vaidya, is another delightful addition to this darling series of toddler books by John Higham, the UK author and illustrator. Spring may have passed but we are coming into harvesting season, so why not celebrate by exposing your little one’s to some fruit and vegetables. Elly and her BFF tidy the garden cooperatively and after a drink break, they get to see the garden grow and grow again with one simple tap. Soon the vegetables are ready to pick and Elly whips up a treat for all her friends who were so helpful in getting the garden underway. The book ends with everyone laughing and a quick Garden Game of identifying the different things that they all had grown.

The interactivity is minimal as it should be with a book targeted to such a young audience. It does not over-stimulate, nor drag along. The optional narration gives you an opportunity to read to the child rather than just having them listening, and much like the classic tot tales kids will want to read the simple, fun, easy-to-follow stories over again and over again.


This latest Elly app both entertains and educates the very young with a garden and planting themed adventure. In addition to introducing children to everyday vegetables, this app also contains a simple interactive game to help word and vegetable recognition.

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