external_linkiLuv Drawing Vehicles HD – Kids learn how to draw cars, trucks, train, plane and more step by step App, by MyVijan LLC, is the latest and sixth title in the wonderfully popular suite of iLuv Drawing apps. Children learn drawing skills using a variety of tools and features – pencils, crayons, pattern brushes, paint fills, erasers, backgrounds, stickers, undos, layering, and zooming features. Kids can follow spoken directions and draw shapes on the iPad to form different kinds of vehicles or they have the option to listen and draw on paper by following oral directions. This app is a sure-fire winner for those kids obsessed with vehicles, you will have a difficult time getting the iPad back! The option to share your work via email is included and you can save drawings in Photos or Drawing Book.

Great to learn many skills such as basic drawing, fine motor, following directions, basic vocabulary of vehicles! Useful for preschool and elementary children and Occupational Therapists!


A year ago, Teachers With apps reviewed iLuv Drawing Animals which featured 40 different animals. MyVijan has designed all of their apps to work as a learning tool. These apps perfectly balance fun with education, and are intuitive enough to ensure usability with kids of almost any age. A full array of easy editing options including an eraser, redo, undo, and restart buttons are offered, and young artists can choose between six brush stroke sizes when creating their artwork! Feel like starting from scratch? No problem, iLuv Drawing apps include blank drawing pages where users can doodle to their hearts’ content! Kids can also put their drawings in front of a choice of many custom backgrounds and add textures to their completed drawings. Don’t deny your kids this creative pleasure, they will LOVE it!

✓ For kids all ages 4+.

✓ Ideal for Home Schooling.

✓ 5 easy drawing steps!

✓ Encourages drawing, creativity, fine motor skills.

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