imgresAgatsuma Entertainment’s new app, Let’s Draw Simple!, is a great addition to the preschool app market, allowing little ones to draw and animate their own images. Based on a popular series of Japanese drawing books,children learn the basics by focusing on the technique of learning to draw by using three shapes: circle, triangle and square.  The directions are simple and clear; both written and spoke in English or Japanese.  This cute app includes three different areas of play. First you have the Learn to Draw, then there is the option to visit the Landscape Garden, and lastly there’s an album to store your images in. The Learn to Draw section contains 10 basics to start with and a page just for doodling. Young children follow step-by-step directions to recreate the image they have chosen. In addition to the three shapes, there is a sun, round flower, butterfly, cat, dog, star, and car.

Let’s Draw Simple! offers great exercises for practicing fine motor skills with a palette of twelve different colors to choose from and of course, the handy eraser that kids love! The screen is clear of clutter, the modest interface encourages kids to follow direction and keeps them focused. The developers even took into consideration the left-handed child; the tool bar can be moved to either side of the screen. After an image is completed to the child’s satisfaction, they can import images into the Landscape Garden and their own artwork can be moved all about and resized just by touching and dragging. This experience gives kids the ability to play, pretend, improvise, and can even foster story telling. Our only suggestion for the developers would be to charge for the initial app and have all of the objects and different landscapes available from the get-go. Or, hide the in app purchases behind a parent wall so as not to entice little and stop them from constantly asking for things to be unlocked.

photo-2Let’s Draw Simple! incorporates a proven, award-winning technique that breaks down the learning process to three simple shapes – circle, triangle and square. Inspired by the best-selling series of drawing books, from artist sensei, Kazesaburou Akiyama, this creative and entertaining app will ignite imaginations as it teaches and encourages children of all ages to draw.


* DRAW: Learn to draw
– In just 10 minutes a day, your child can learn to draw
– Techniques break down images into variations of three main shapes – circle, triangle and square
– Fun themed illustrations include flowers and plants, insects, animals, vehicles, action and more!
– Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions in both English and Japanese
– Six additional packages available for purchase, with over 100 images
– Supports both left and right handed, budding artists

photo-3* PLAY: In the Landscape Garden
– Simple touch and move animates each item
– Offers hours of digital storytelling fun
– Unlock hidden goodies and secrets as you bring your drawings to life

* SHARE: Save and share your child’s work of art
– The in-app Album allows you to memorialize your child’s artwork
– Save and see how your little artist’s work evolves
– Sync saved artwork to your Photo Album on your IPhone, iPad and iPod touch and share with your family and friends.

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