mzl.bxdgnzhf.175x175-75Sudoku Junior, by Paxos limited, is the perfect introduction to this classic game for children and adults. This rendition of the game is a simple version of the timeless number puzzle in the form of a pictorial and educational application. For anyone wondering, su means number and doku  means single in Japanese. There are conflicting reports of exactly where the game originated but, let’s get back to the review.

Sudoku Junior is perfect for beginners and has the added value of becoming quite challenging for adults. Therefore, it is an app for the entire family to enjoy while giving their brains a workout. Sudoku Junior includes helpful instructions with a video tutorial even a youngster can understand.

The app instills logic and this pictorial version exposes children to the worldscreen480x480 around them, making focusing observation skills another added benefit. Makers of this app have gone several steps farther by offering grids as small as four by four, making the game accessible to users who are inexperienced or very young.

The addition of categorized pictures is also a big plus; many kids are visual learners, so pictures are simply easier to use than the usual numbers. The picture section is grouped into 24 assorted categories, including things like animals, sports, and different countries.

screen480x480-1The clean and easy interface makes the game completely intuitive. We love the minimalist approach, appealing to both children and adults. The quick response propels the game play and the interactivity, combined with the visuals, are not only fun, but also a great educational mind exercise. This is the first pictorial and educational Sudoku available in the app store and it will not disappoint. This app version is better than the old pencil-and-paper version as the games can be played indefinitely without the use of any trees. Sudoku Junior is one slick app that you are not going to want to miss!


*Brain-boosting Pictorial Sudoku puzzles for all ages
*An Educational Platform for the 4+ age group
*250+ stunning pictorial icons under 24 game categories such as Animals, Famous Monuments, Sports and Science.
*Pop-up facts about each image, such as “The Statue of Liberty is over 305 feet tall” and “Microwave radiation lies between radio and infrared frequencies.”
*4 x 4, 6 x 6 and 9 x 9 grids with 3 levels of difficulty.
*Settings for age groups 4-10 yrs and 10+ yrs

This app is now available for iPhone, Android and Amazon.

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One Response to Sudoku Junior

  1. Sudoku Games says:

    Sudoku Junior is the most amazing app.The app is easy to use and Kids will love the app due to its interface.The app have visual picture also to understand.