imgres-2TalkRocket Go, by MyVoice, is billed “the world’s easiest to use communication aid for people with speech and language disabilities”. It is SO much more than an AAC device made for the iPad or iPhone. TalkRocket Go is a “Swiss army knife” type app for educators, therapists, and parents who want to get their money’s worth, spend time wisely, and have fun while changing lives. I have been using this App since the fall of 2012 when I met the MyVoice Inc. team, while presenting at the annual Closing the Gap Convention in MN. I got a chance to attend a hands on demo and was instantly hooked. As both a pediatric speech therapist, and Autism Specialist, whose focus is behavior management/social communication I find TalkRocket Go to be one of the most intuitive, accessible, customizable, and versatile Apps in iTunes today. It is important to note that MyVoice Inc. provides unbelievable web/tech support and cloud based storage options for data!

1. Early Social Communication & Orientation to Person Skills: Joint Attention, Object Permanence, and Communicative Intent (manding, requesting)

2. Intermediate Social Communication & Orientation to Place Skills: Spatial Relationships and Expressing Feelings

3. Advanced Social Communication & Orientation to Time Skills: Transitioning, Sequencing, and Problem Solving


TalkRocket Go was “born” in Canada and has been on the international radar for some time, because of how it can change the life of a child who is non-verbal. I have it on my own radar since Oct 2012, as my go-to App for behavior management + AAC, because of how it can change the life of a child with Autism and social communication deficits and challenges. TalkRocket Go can be used to create single or continuous pages with varying layouts and audio/visual combinations to facilitate both behavior management and supplemental Assistive Technology (AT) for curricular needs. The user-friendly interface makes it easy and quick to create Visual Schedules, Rules to Remember Charts, Reinforcer Rosters, Social Stories, wh? Questions about lessons, sequencing worksheets, literacy and articulation homework tasks, and even teachable moments for math, just to name a few. I highly recommend it for special education service providers like myself, trying to bridge the gap between readiness to learn and actual performance, in the children with Autism/special needs we service. Children who are constantly struggling to stay oriented to person/place/time amidst ever changing routines, settings, environments, and expectations, all of which are daily realities faced today, in our fast paced, tech-driven culture.

TalkRocket Go already helps ten thousand users in 30 countries. For many, it is a life-changing aid for overcoming adversity, discrimination, and exclusion.


About the Author

-1Penina Rybak MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH, CEO Socially Speaking LLC, is a pediatric, practicing, speech-language pathologist turned Autism Specialist and Educational Technology Consultant. Penina has two decades of experience in social communication development and developmental integration of Apple™ technology into treatment. She is both a national/international speaker and App Developer. Penina specializes in Early Childhood Autism Intervention, particularly social communication & behavior management, play development, and pre-literacy based treatment plans. Penina is excited to join the Teachers With Apps team and share her insights! Contact her at and visit her website:

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