mzl.cwubahcf.175x175-75The Adventures of Ash & Ollie: ScreenTime – A Fingerprint Network App, from Yummico, is the first in a brand new series that carries a novel tale, as it addresses kids and the issue of “screen time”. This hits home, I’m sure most of us with kids can relate to the obvious scenario. The characters are adorable (think Charlie Brown) and the text is in the form of a catchy rhyme. These two brothers are great pals and like to hang together, a timer holds a pre-dominate place in the simple and sweet illustrations. “We have rules for gadgets that we must obey, before turning one on and starting to play.”photo As you can well imagine these two boys are allotted screen time once they’ve finished their homework and done all their chores. Our favorite part, no devices with screens at mealtime! Ash and Ollie know the importance of staying active and they are seen building blocks and keeping active outside. Their social network is called a play date!

The Adventures of Ash & Ollie is a rollicking buddy series for 3 to 6 year olds following the trials and tribulations of two young brothers, 7-year-old Ash and 4-year-oldOllie. Ash & Ollie takes kids on a journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary and back again.

Exploring socio-emotional issues with a healthy dose of irreverence and humor…life lessons are suggested by the action inside the story, allowing kids to learn for themselves.

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