urlThe Love Book, by iLiterature Ltd is the perfect way to entice older children into the rhythm of poetry, and what better topic than LOVE! Originally, we thought we were onto a brand new app until we read on the developer’s site they had quietly released a test version of The Love Book at the end of August. We were not surprised to hear it went viral. The Love Book is one of the best apps we’ve seen this year, it’s an ELA teacher’s dream! This app is an anthology of some of the best poems, prose, short stories, quotes, and letters, all embracing the elusive theme of love. Teachers, take note – This is the perfect classroom app to easily get teens engaged and appreciating the nuances of the written word. There’s absolutely something for everyone here. The brilliant narration showcases the poetic form and elicits the imagination, while verses ebb and flow! P.S. You need not be just a teen, adults will LOVE this app too.

images Everything from William Shakespeare to J.K. Rowling, Alfred Lord Tennyson to Zelda Fitzgerald, here is love in all its many glorious and unpredictable forms. Whether passionate or platonic, parental or full of pain, tragic or funny, thwarted or blossoming, The Love Book app is for all those who have ever experienced love for another human being.

The Love Book contains heavenly poems written by some of the finest writers, and lovingly narrated by award-winning actors like the divine Tom Hiddleston, Helena Bonham Carter and Emma Watson. If you have not yet had the pleasure to see this developer’s first app, iF Poems, click on the link to read Teachers With Apps review.

The Love Book app is created by Allie Esiri, the co-founder and creator of the acclaimed iF Poems app, and Kate Moross, the illustrator who illustrated the whole thing in a Peter Max, 60’s Flower Power, Free Love, kind of style. It is no surprise The Love Book has received accolades from the Guardian ‘Best 20 Apps this week’, and been recommended by Vogue, Elle, Telegraph, Mail and The Sunday Times. We only wish that all of the works were narrated.

PS: The hardcover edition of The Love Book came out on Feb 6, published by Random House. It is available at all good book shops in UK, Amazon UK and Net a Porter who ship worldwide.

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  1. […] The Love Book, by iLiterature Ltd is the perfect way to entice older children into the rhythm of poetry, and what better topic than LOVE!  […]