8d463cebfaa18a63604c703480078d5e“Learn to read by writing”, is what Writereader ApS says. Write to Read is a fun, engaging, interactive app that allows you to1 work side by side with your child or student! The Write to Read app focuses on writing. I especially like the fact that this app is to be used with support. Support may be in the form of an adult or older child/student with proficiency in reading and writing. The user (Author) enters the text in the top text box and the helper supports the child/student by entering correct spelling and grammar into the lower text box.


Create storybooks that may be saved or shared.  This app has some great features to help the young writer connect words to objects or people by using the speech and thought bubbles.

2For the student that may have difficulty in reading their phonetic spelling, Write to Read offers a recording feature that will be helpful to the adult supporter when translating the student/child writing.; just have the child record what he or she wrote.  Familiarity with keyboarding will naturally be an additional outcome by using this app.

Write to Read has many uses and is simple to use even for the youngest user. Writereader ApS has done an outstanding job of creating an app that uses technology for both engaging the young writer and the teacher/adult support.  Get to writing and reading by simply taking photos of experiences and then engaging your students/children by writing about it.  It’s simple; just write to learn to read!


About the Author

-1Jackie Bryla is a school based SLPA in California. Her experience includes working with transitional kindergarten through high school age students as well as the functional skills population in the public schools. She regularly presents iPad Trainings for California State University Sacramento, American River College and San Joaquin Delta College speech and language programs. Jackie is also founder of act – Apps, Consulting and Training. She is an app beta tester for educational app developers. Jackie is a board member for the California Speech Language Hearing Association (CSHA) and is an active CSHA District 2 Advisory Committee member in the Sacramento area. Jackie received the outstanding SLPA for CSHA in 2012.

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