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15 Social Emotional Learning Tasks for Students

By Lisa Johnson "When you start focusing on oral and written communication, you naturally begin to focus on visual literacy and social media. And at the heart of all forms of communication is social emotional learning which is essentially the ability to identify emotions, recognize strengths, set goals, manage stress, take perspectives, work on a…
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Counseling in Today’s World

We live in a technology based world that is constantly changing and improving the way we live. School counselors are taking advantage of this technology to provide more resources about careers, colleges and mental health and to better connect with students and parents. With more students using the Internet and social media, counselors also have…
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Mental Exercise with Pegs by White Pixels

Pegs by White Pixels is a new critical thinking game based on the mathematical underpinnings of the classic puzzle peg solitaire. It’s all about problem-solving. Experimentation. Where to start. What to avoid. Choosing appropriate subgoals. Kids have at it. Make some mistakes. Go back. Try again. It’s all good. Designed for LEARNING Pegs is designed to…
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Gabriel’s Seeds ~ make personalized & engaging educational apps

Gabriel's Seeds software helps teachers to quickly make fully personalized and engaging educational apps for children (K-3). The software can combine pictures with videos children love in making learning lessons from math, logic, perspective, memory, words, brain teasers and etc. In addition, the software can match children talents as additional motivation. Gabriel's Seeds ~ easily make personalized…
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Inch Worm by White Pixels

This review was first published in MENSA ČR: FOR GIFTED CHILDREN Inch Worm is an addictive collection of strategy puzzles for ages 6 to adult. Lead Inch home, past the cherries, acorns, leaves, snails, ladybugs, and dragonflies. It’s all about critical thinking. Problem-solving. Where to start. What to avoid. Experimentation. Going for it. Making some mistakes. Getting…
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Is Disney breaking COPPA regulations?

A recent Tweet caught my eye and upon following up I discovered that one of our most revered names in children's media has been once again allegedly breaking the law. A recent report claims that a class-action suit was filed on behalf of a San Francisco parent against The Walt Disney Co., who is secretly gathering…
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Special Needs Resource Roundup

Open Educators focuses on sharing education-related resources and supports all of the amazing children with special needs, as well as the families who love them. They have put together this list of Special Needs Resource Roundup for TWA. When sharing resources with educators, Open Educators pull from a variety of trusted websites with reliable content. Although…
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We want to instill good moral values in our children. Among them, sharing is essential for their social development. Unfortunately, you can find many applications teaching mathematics or reading, but none teaching generosity. Not anymore! The application AKI THE MONKEY TEACHES VALUES: SHARING has been created to help you teaching the important values of sharing…
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