iconAvaz Together| Parent – Child Communication App for Autism, by Avaz Inc., teaches parents, caregivers and educators to get past the biggest question of all “where do I start”. Learning together is exactly what the AVAZ Together app aims for. AVAZ Together offers immediate teaching and learning for both the AAC user and those that communicate with them.

This app is amazing with features that provide:

  • an outstanding and comprehensive vocabulary library including color-coding for the parts of speech
  • customizing for each user’s unique vocabulary set
  • tracking so that you (the parent/caregiver/educator) can view visually the words that the user is using and where he/she may need additional support
  • a built in activity track that has a user’s daily routine in mind; meals, play, grooming, school
  • simulation that provides communication adventures that help guide the supporting adult (parent/caregiver/educator)

Using AVAZ Together will help a user gain faster communication skills because a supporting adult is modeling communication and then the user gets to imitate!

1 The practice mode is superior and offers the opportunity for the ‘teacher’ to become familiar with where the words are. There is nothing more frustrating when using an AAC app and you are ready to give some aided input and you say “OH NO…..where was that word or folder containing the words.” It’s so very important that the person modeling becomes fluent with communicating so the user can track for imitation.

The Communication Adventure really provides some great ‘therapist-recommended’ practices for communicating with your child. Sometimes we overwhelm a child/user with too much language, which can be difficult to process. This game-based approach will give you great strategies that speech and language professionals use during therapy.

Built in resources are a great benefit in this app, there is not outside searching for additional information. As you are becoming familiar with the app you likely will have questions and this 156-question suggestion glossary will answer almost any question you might have as it relates to specific activities and how best to approach.


AVAZ Together continues to provide a full-featured AAC app with additional layers that allow for immediate ‘teaching’ for the supporting adult and the child communicator. Within the Dashboard, pressing the ACT will give an option to explore as a parent or use it as the child. AVAZ also provides quick little informative tips. AVAZ Together is full of helpful information that will soon have you on track to becoming an expert. As with the original AVAZ AAC app, several thousand words/images are provided using the SymbolStix symbol set.


2Unlike anything else out there, AVAZ goes the extra mile to support the learners with the built in communicative activities that are common to a child’s routine. The app will take you step by step into the app by providing visual cues for guiding you toward the proper place to find words and folders that contain the vocabulary associated with a particular activity. (a little shake of the icon or a flashing arrow to get your attention). This is wonderful hands-on learning to quickly familiarize you and your child with the vocabulary placement. The next time you head to the market or play at the park and want to begin a conversation, your child will have had an experience that will better able him/her to navigate to the needed vocabulary. And for that matter parents and educators too, will not fumble with pages and folders that could possibly slow down or make you miss that communicative opportunity all together.


I highly recommend AVAZ Together to begin your learning and teaching AAC adventure. AVAZ Together is a one-of-kind and has come up with a solution for modeling aided input right within an AAC app. You can’t go wrong with this one because it teaches the supporting adult in a clear concise manner so that you have the tools and experience you need to model great language for a struggling communicator!   BRAVO AVAZ for paving the way!

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