icon175x175Comomola Fireflies – Goodnight Stories to overcome a fear of the dark by Comomola is a darling new app to lull your youngster to sleep in a safe environment. We all know the story, afraid of the dark scenario all too well. This sweet story has gone to all lengths to be as calming and lets the child move at their own speed and liking. Amy, the cheerful but frightened little girl is mesmerized by the charm of fireflies she meets as her friendly toys each show her reasons not to be afraid of the dark. This is a group endeavor and all of the toys help Amy as they were once afraid of the dark themselves. Each toy takes Amy to a different location with a different story to tell how they learned not to be afraid of the dark. This app will captivate the imagination and put any child at ease taking their minds away from the fear of when it is time to put the “lights out”

The developers have strived to create a safe haven, they have succeeded wonderfully with a magical,  fun and positive environment showing kids everywhere a better world! Comomola’s mission to promote the values that they believe in: friendship, tolerance and optimism are well addressed in this engaging app, well worth the download! The app is available in four languages: Spanish, English, German and French. Highly Recommended. Hurry, take advantage of this precious nighttime story before all the lightning bugs have moved on!

Hurry, get Comomola Fireflies – Goodnight Stories and take advantage of this precious nighttime tale, before all the lightning bugs have moved on!


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