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Teachers With Apps is introducing a new Corporate Sponsorship Program. We care about all children and believe that all kids should have the same opportunities as their peers regardless of their socioeconomic situation. Teachers With Apps considers emerging education technology a principal game-changer and we have been a part of that critical mission since 2009. We have established a reputation of being app authorities when it comes to quality and content, in addition, we have personally critiqued and manage a database of over 1,000 reviews of exemplary applications as well as a myriad of mobile education resources. Enabling children to access a brilliant education through technology in a rapidly evolving digital world is our number one priority.

Collaborating with TWA through our Corporate Sponsorship Program positions your company as a trusted proactive organization that understands that we all need to work together for the betterment of education. In order to support educational technology, leaders, teachers, parents, and especially children need to join hands to reenvision the present day educational landscape.

We are transparent in our reviews and hope to expand on our exemplary reputation by developing a larger group of experts – field-testing apps with children, learning all apps inside and out prior to writing a review. We have initiated this new program in order to expand our coverage of the digital space. A company that believes quality education through technology is a solution to a better future for children is encouraged to join the Corporate Sponsorship Program. In return, TWA will promote your company, highlight your product offerings, and list your events on our website and through our robust social media channels.

Details on how your company can be a Corporate Sponsor will be coming soon. In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact

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