DownloadApp_ButtonIn September 2013, CrisisGo released its mobile emergency response app to school districts across the nation. The CrisisGo mobile emergency app moves school districts’ emergency response plans from their three-ring binders to their smart phones and other mobile devices.



CrisisGo allows teachers, staff, and administrators to:

  • Alert district staff and crisis team of an emergency situation
  • Read a checklist telling them what to do in every type of crisis situation
  • Instantly view maps showing building evacuation routes
  • Access all the phone numbers needed for every type of emergency
  • Account for all the students in a class by reviewing an up-to-date roster
  • Send live streaming video of the crisis situation to responders.

Jeff Arnett, Communications Director for Barrington 220 School District in Barrington, Illinois says this about the CrisisGo app, “The challenge of old-model crisis planning has always been making the bulky three-ring binder approach more useful for administrators, teachers and staff. The CrisisGo app simplifies crisis communication by creating faster ‘finger-tip’ access to resources and information in an emergency.”


To learn more about how CrisisGo helps those whose job it is to keep students safe, please visit www.crisisgo.com.  For questions, please contact Rebecca Renshaw at 618-997-2114.

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