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 Diskopets is a cartoony, educational, online game world for younger kids. In this world, Kids play games with cartoony pets and learn about science and arts, and parents can customize the educational material. We have lost the simple fun of Saturday Morning Cartoons. DiskoPets solves this for parents, by being simple, easy and TV-like customizable!Diskopets is turning this concept now. Visit their KICKSTARTER and contribute NOW!

 Kids love cartoons and games. Growing up, cartoons on TV were a big part of our lives. We learned our ABC’s from watching fluffy characters on TV. We believe that we have lost the simple fun and happiness of a Saturday morning cartoon . We wanted to combine the amusing and whimsical nature of cartoons with software to create an educational world where kids can play. What is unique about Diskopet is that it combines cute cartoony characters, digital technology, and education and gives parents a way to customize it, while giving kids educational content, disguised as a game.


Diskopet is an educational game at heart. Kids can be creative in Art Room and draw paintings and colour pictures. They can learn about different healthy nutritious foods as they grow vegetables and fruits and cook them in the kitchen. They can learn about math , science, general knowledge while solving puzzles. Each of the places can be customized by changing the education content of each place. Kids can choose different characters and each character has its own personality. We use artificial intelligence to give each character different emotions and over time pets learn new things, Pets are happy, sad and responsive to kids as a real pet is.

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  1. Fun Cartoony Kids World: Diskopets is a cartoon based, educational, an online game world for kids, that can keep them happy and entertained.
  2. Customized Education: Parents and teachers can customize the educational content of game and world.
  3. Simple, Easy Choices: Today, Parents have limited control on fast, action-based games or TV Shows. We have lost the simple fun of Saturday Morning Cartoons. DiskoPets solves this for parents, by being simple, easy and TV-like customizable. We believe this is the first time a children’s cartoon game has been able to provide this type of customization.
  4. For Busy Parents: Kids learn math, science and art, selected by Parents or teachers, so Parents have more time in their busy lives.
  5. Product Review: We love DiskoPets and want everyone to have them! Please Download FreeDigital Colouring book, Poster and Postcard, for your and your reader’s review, by clicking here.


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