iOS app icon templateUnderwater Learning Adventure, an adaptive learning, educational children’s app! In an era of free apps, emeeyou mobile learning games are developed with an important focus on their users – children. emeeyou learning games bring together passionate artists, musicians, parents and educators and are grounded in solid educational principles and developmental research.

The latest learning game from emeeyou, Underwater Learning Adventure, has been designed together with an independent clinical psychologist, to help develop picture and naming recognition skills, receptive vocabulary, numbers, counting, memory and executive functioning.

Underwater Learning Adventure uses adaptive learning, so as the child’s skill level grows, so does the difficulty of the games. The game levels adjust up and down based on game interaction. All game events are randomized to minimize rote learning and encourage deeper concept understanding.

Profiles allow users to view the progress of each child’s learning and skill development. The customized learning report allows a parent to keep track of the time spent playing each game, the level of progress and the percentage completed of each of the three games.

Deanne Hvala Granger, managing director of emeeyou says, “Our early learning games are designed to practice and develop basic motor and cognitive skills in a fun, playful and age appropriate way. We strongly believe that children’s mobile games should focus on quality and content and be free from advertising, offering a safe environment for learning.”

emeeyou, Underwater Learning Adventure is currently available in the iTunes store.

About emeeyou:

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, emeeyou is an education technology company that is focussed on researching and developing evidence based educational products.

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