Teachers With Apps is pleased to continue their Teachers With Apps Certified Apps Program. This Certification was designed to recognize and applaud Apps that are exemplary. The Teachers With Apps Certified Badge of Approval is awarded, on a triannual basis, to education apps that prove exemplary in the following areas: content, presentation, and execution, as well as overall user experience.

Teachers With Apps CERTIFIED APPS:
(In alphabetical order)

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1000 Adventures
This stellar book app involves an adorable little boy with a huge imagination who spends his days on a series of exciting adventures – from his parent’s bedroom, to the park, and all around, eventually making his way back to his own cozy bedroom.
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving takes book apps to a new level of sophistication. There’s so much to love about this app!
ABC-X-Plorer: Fun with Alphabets
The perfect app to introduce your little tyke to the alphabet and the wonders of the iPad. There are many ABC apps but ABC-X-Plorer is a total standout!
Agnitus – Personal Learning Program
The ultimate comprehensive app for youngsters. This personalized program just keeps getting better and better with each update.
Ansel & Clair: Paul Revere’s Ride
One of the first to apps to develop game-play where discovery is the model, play is the focus and deeper learning is the result! Google map, travel log, camera and photo booth features make this a stand out.
Ansel and Clair’s Adventures in Africa
This app will go down in history for raising the bar for all educational apps. Takes full advantage of every possible component of the multi-sensory experience of the iPad.
Avaz – AAC App for Autism
Avaz is a picture based, full-featured AAC communication app developed for children who are non-verbal or who have difficulty speaking. A must have app for facilitating communication for people of all ages and levels of cognition.
Avokiddo Emotions
Avokiddo Emotions – Playful learning for kids provides over-the-top fun and is an extraordinary educational tool to help kids develop their social and emotional awareness.
Axel’s Chain Reaction
This book app delightfully conveys a powerful and poignant message to the youth of today – don’t give up!
Barefoot World Atlas
This World Atlas turned app is a phenomenal learning tool and needs to be on every iPad that is used by children.
Big Baby
Big Baby gives children a baby of their own to comfort, feed, dress and care for. Created in collaboration with educators and children, its nurturing themes of feeding, clothing and comforting a small baby, Big Baby also helps build emotional intelligence.
Big Bang Patterns
Originally developed for children with visual impairments or complex special needs to teach visual location, attention and cause and effect play. We find, however, it can be used for so much more!
BrainPOP Featured Movie
From the outstanding BrainPOP. This app features a different informative, engagin, animated movie everyday and is accompanied by an interactive quiz. Best part – movie clips are chosen to correlate current events.
Bugs and Bubbles
An amazing app that teaches patterning, counting, letters and colors all in an incredibly fun way. Writing practice is also turned into an exciting adventure.
Bugs and Numbers
This app covers math skills such as matching numbers and shapes, and moves all the way through fractions.From the opening screen, kids are entranced.
Busy Shapes
Based on Piaget’s research on cognitive development, Busy Shapes systematically teaches kids to go beyond cause and effect play.
Chris P. Bacon: My Life So Far
A heartwarming story about a lovable and inspiring handicapped piglet. This tale is based on the true story!
Cinderella – by Nosy Crow
On the heels of The Three Little Pigs, this book app has been has been described as magical. A brilliant game-changer that allows you play inside the story!
Civil War by KIDS DISCOVER is jam packed with information, detailed maps, eye-opening facts and figures, and incredible visuals and is a wonderful, thorough, way to convey this life altering time period to students.
Coach’s Eye
This amazing app lets you record, review, and improve on your sports activities by giving you instant feedback. This is a MUST HAVE app for coaches of all sports.
Color Uncovered
A gorgeous, state of the art, magazine-style app with endless educational possibilities. Color Uncovered is truly a great teaching tool that engages, delights, and encourages exploration.
Custom Boards – Premium
Incredible, comprehensive, amazing, dynamic – these are just some of the descriptive words that come to mind when using Custom Boards – Premium!
One of the most incredible science apps to get kids hyped about anything nano! If you don’t know what is up with nano science, get up to speed with DIY Nano.
DragonBox Algebra 5+
Dragon Box is a revolutionary algebra app. Highly recommended for students in middle school. However, those who are younger and even adults who are “young at heart” will benefit as well.
Drawp for School
Drawp for School opens the door wide open for communicating about any subject through art. It is like no other app on the market. It is a beautifully laid out with all1st the latest technological innovations
Educreations Interactive Whiteboard
This incredible app comes with the huge bonus of being free and is terrific for sharing content. You can easily add photos from your camera, iPhoto Library, or from a Dropbox account. We love the developers motto: Teach what you know. Learn what you don’t.
Elevated Math
A completely kid-friendly app that has been designed to entice, engage, entertain, and of course educate kids in a very empowering way. Students can move through a lesson at their own pace and repeat an explanation until they gain understanding. Perfect!
Eye Paint Animals
This state of the art app encourages discovery play by getting kids to create, invent, explore and learn in super fun ways. The user can finish their art using the device’s camera and the limitless choices of backgrounds.
Faces iMake – Right Brain Creativity
This terrific open-ended app is the quintessential multisensory app, as it stimulates kids imaginations to create. The perfect tool to develop right brain creative capabilities.
Felt board
This app is spectacular and brings us back to much simpler times via a virtual felt board.
Field Day: Project-Based Learning Think & Do Tool

Field Day will get you organized and facilitate any teaching experience that you could possibly dream of by helping you map it out. It asks just the right questions to get you focused and started, then points you to strategies to use to make your classroom experience a success.

Futaba Classroom Games for Kids
One of the first educational, multiple-player apps. The games, which vary in content, can be set to a specific skill or set to a random mix. This fast paced app is perfect for the classroom or home!
Geography Drive USA
This app introduced a delightful, fun and exciting new way to learn about geography. Truly exceptional.
Go Go Games
This is one impressive app. Although this suite of games was designed with a specific audience in mind (children with ASD), all children could benefit from this type of game play.
Green$treets: Unleash the Loot!
Green$treets: Unleash the Loot! is a revolutionary new gaming app that enables kids to have fun and learn how to be money savvy and ecologically responsible while connecting via email to mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa and educators.
Haiku Deck
Haiku Deck – Presentation and Slideshow Maker with Beautiful Charts and Graphs is just what the title implies, and incredible in all ways possible!
How to Write a Paragrpah
An incredible teaching tool! The simple interactivity helps students get past writer’s block and get excited about writing.
How to Write an Essay
A great teacher resource that provides lessons along with ample practice activities.
Jungle Coins – learn coin math
This app comes with built-in support for the U.S. dollar coins, as well as Euro coins from 10 European countries. This app makes it easy to switch to other coin sets instantly and challenges you with unfamiliar coins. Brilliant!
Jungle Fractions
This app teaches fractions using large, easy to read, pie wedges and jungle animals. It has multiple learning levels and several different skills. Stellar!
Jungle Time – learn how to tell time
The talking clock confirms the time verbally when you set the clock. Hands move like a real clock, the minute hand moves a full revolution for each hour, so you learn real clockwise movement. Must Have!
Kidblog gets kids writing, sharing, and experiencing technology in a whole new light. Kidblog not only provides authentic learning but gives kids an authentic audience for students to share within the classroom and school.
KidgitZ – It adds up to fun!
KidgitZ is an AWESOME math/game puzzle that stimulates much needed mental math and challenges kids of all ages. Students rated it “addictive and over the top”.
Lazoo: Let’s Color!
Let’s Color! is a magical and educational new twist on children’s coloring books. A living, breathing coloring book!
Lazoo: Squiggles!
Pictures come to life with "Squiggles!", a revolutionary new educational drawing app for young children.
One of the best and well executed apps of its kind! Brilliant for strengthening fine motor skills, and building a strong foundation in both literacy and numeracy.
Little Fox Music Box
This brilliant melodious app combines classic music and spectacular artistic and interactive components with superb execution in every facet.
Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure
This adorable doggy tale app takes the adorable bulldogs Lola and Lucy on a daring adventure across the USA. The developers have got the reading levels covered, so it's great fun for the whole family.
MarcoPolo Ocean
MarcoPolo Ocean is a state of the art 3D undersea adventure that promotes exciting exploration and discovery through gorgeous graphics for the younger set.
Math Drills
A no-nonsense app that lives up to its name by delivering math drills. Its extensive tracking system is one of the best for recording student data.
Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game
At its inception, this app introduced a revolutionary new “video-like” gaming experience for practicing math facts. Still a favorite in the classroom.
Math Tools
An amazing set of math manipulatives, all together in one concise, take along, fit in your pocket, use anywhere, anytime tool set!
Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You Are
This engrossing graphic novel is geared toward the preteen population. It follows six characters as they negotiate tough social issues and helps them apply real life solutions.
Middle School Confidential 2: Real Friends vs. the Other Kind
A powerful tool that completely engages ‘tweens with answers to the onslaught of issues they confront with friendships on an every day basis. Riveting storyline!
Millie & the Lost Key – Millie Was Here, Book 2
A darling, clever and loveable book app. The pages are scrapbook-like, with a pop-up book feel. This humorous story takes you on an adventure with a very special dog.
Mini Monet – Creative Studio and Art Club for Kids
Mini Monet lets young learners begin to experiment with color and form. This app is loaded with motivators to keep your student’s interest up, as well as learning the self-satisfaction of making original art.
Monster Physics
For teacher, this app is perfect as a math/science station or classroom lesson. For parents, it is a prime opportunity to playfully solve problems together with their children.
My Bird World
This app is camouflaged, as its “gaming” qualities challenges players to complete engaging missions and unknowingly learn all about North American birds.
My First App – Vol. 3 Airport
This spatial awareness and logical thinking app is everything you could want or expect from an early learning app.  The illustrations are fun and engaging and this app gets an immediate response from kids wanting to play and take their turn.
Ground breaking, state of the art app that is changing the way kids interact with broadcast news.
Numerosity: Play with Addition!
A cutting edge approach and brilliant way for students to learn math. ThoughtBox has done a smashing job of coming up with an app that has the ability to put the child in the drivers seat.
Numerosity: Play with Subtraction!
This app is based on a cutting edge approach to learning math. A brilliant way for students to learn.
Oh No Fractions!
Ingenious concept! This app allows practice and exploration of fractions with in an elegant, yet simple visual interface. Oh No Fractions recently underwent a facelift and is better than ever.
One Globe Kids
One Globe Kids – children’s stories from around the world and One Globe Kids 1 have found a unique and undiscovered niche in the educational market. Children can “visit” friends from around the world and learn how different cultures operate. Sensational!
Paris App Tours Beware Mme la Guillotine, A Revolutionary Tour of Paris
This awesome adventure is a narrated tour, taking travelers back to a legendary moment in Parisian history. Fantastique!
Phonics Genius
This app is truly brilliant and has just about every conceivable phonetic combination presented in a no nonsense, high quality, and completely enjoyable way.
This groundbreaking communication system redefines AAC. It provides an easy solution, in a very cool package, to assist anyone who may have difficulty speaking.
Reading Raven
Reading Raven has what it takes to get kids on the road to reading. The developers have done it brilliantly, by following a proven reading program.
Rom and the Whale of Dreams
A magical dreamy tale that takes place in the enchanting Kingdom of Gypsies called Numia. This is where imagination is the ruler and dreaming is a thing of the past.
Rube Works
An app to inspire some serious brainwork! A puzzle type app that develops patience and a try again attitude. Recreate inventions based on the Goldberg cartoon contraptions with 18 levels of engineering endeavors.
Science360 for iPad
Science360 for iPad is just what every classroom needs to cover a gamut of scientific topics or projects in a visually stunning way.
Scribble Press
An amazing app that lets you be the author and illustrator as you create your own books. This is one cool tool!
See.Touch.Learn Pro
An indispensable, 21st century learning tool that is revolutionizing instruction for children around the world.
Smart Fish Frequent Flyer – Teach Kids about Airplane Travel
This app is perfectly designed to make travel a familiar and fun routine and alleviate anxiety. It keep kids engaged during actual travel and kids are just smitten by it.
Smart Fish Matrix HD – Common Core Concepts of Measurement and Data for Kindergarten and 1st Grade
This brilliant app promotes critical thinking and deeper learning. The developers promote “fun-powered education” and therefore design their apps to incorporate and enhance children’s cognitive skills as a natural part of learning.
Sound Uncovered
Another stellar app from Exploratorium! Each page has amazing interactive experiences, with 12 different sound concepts to be explore.
Stack the Countries
A fabulous world geography app that is both fun and academic. It calls for critical thinking and problem solving skills to learn about the countries while you successfully stack them.
Stack the States
This exemplary app provides amusement along with serious learning about the US states.
StartDot Handwriting
StartDOT Handwriting is a beautifully crafted app. It was created by an OT who has thoroughly thought out how to teach handwriting in terms of using a multisensory approach.
Starting Shakespeare
This app does what most teachers fail to do, make Shakespeare easily accessible to younger students and clarify the story-lines without ever giving up any of Shakespeare’s original integrity. A brilliant addition to the app store!
State Bingo and Road Trip US
Another totally engaging, exceptional geography app that incorporates the Common Core Standards and differentiated modes of play.
Sums Stacker
An amazing app. It incorporates critical thinking, problem solving, and strategic planning skills, all while you’re “playing” with mental math concepts, and a great gaming style!
Sunny Articulation and Phonology Test
This app has changed the way Speech and Language Pathologists complete both articulation screenings and evaluations.
The Adventures of Ash & Ollie: ScreenTime – A Fingerprint Network App,
Ash & Ollie carries a novel tale, as it addresses kids and the issue of “screen time".
The Going To Bed Book – Sandra Boynton
We fell in love with this storybook app! The delivery is poetic, the illustrations are adorable, the interactivity is sweet and appropriate. Its calming, gentle rhythm is the perfect e-book for tucking little ones in.
The Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow
This app set a precedent by taking children’s mobile books to a whole new level. It’s innovative in every way; each and every detail is spectacular!
ThingLink opens up limitless educational authentic based learning possibilities and it is available on all platforms. This amazing app enables users to make any image interactive!
Tick Bait Universe
One of the best science apps out there. This tool gives kids the opportunity to intimately explore the universe with a simple “pinch” on the screen and helps make science less intimidating and more kid friendly.
A break through creative app that proudly goes where no app has gone before. It teaches storytelling skills through playful cartoon creation, which empowers kids to create, learn & share their ideas through play.
Vincent the Anteater’s Space Voyage
A gentle and enchanting interactive book, about an anteater’s voyage to find out why his favorite treats, the green hairy ants, have been disappearing.
Wince – Don’t Feed the WorryBug
Wince is an outstanding storybook app. This journey of self-awareness teachers children how to overcome their worries; an ultra-important theme and apropos topic in today’s world.
Word Games for Kids – Futaba
An incredibly fun and educational multi-player game that fulfills a multitude of educational objectives.
World’s Worst Pet - Vocabulary
This app is a great way to grow students vocabulary skills. Students will stay motivated through great game play, kids LOVE it!
X is for X-Ray
This innovative ABC book is not just for preschoolers! It shows an object for every letter of the alphabet and x-rays it to reveal its structure. Very innovative concept.