icon175x175 Looking for a new way to make eating salads more interesting? Salad Shake is Imbrium Interactive’s first app that features billions of possibilities for lunch or dinnertime. Loading up the app and giving your device a quick shake will present you with a unique experience every time. This is the first app that features billions of possibilities for HEALTHY meals!

The app features over 116 original illustrations of ingredients, a cute cat chef who acts as a guide through the experience, and a completely unique algorithm that encourages the discovery of new foods for parents and children alike.

The friendly graphics are inviting and make the app easier to use and every time you shake a salad, it looks different. You may get a vibrant, colorful salad or a beautiful salad of mostly green hues. The only way to find out is to shake it and try.


Salad Shake was designed as a food app with some gaming elements that encourage kids and adults alike toSalad Shake was designed as a food app with some gaming elements that encourage kids and adults alike to discover all of the ingredients. There is also an encyclopedia aspect to the app where information about how to use different foods and pick the best and freshest ingredients at the store is revealed. The more salads that you shake, the more you’ll find and the more diverse and interesting your salads are bound to be.

Salad Shake features:

  •    A robust system that ensures your salads are interesting and unique every time you shake a new    salad.
  •    The fun shaking gesture as an engaging way to interact with the app.
  •    A large (and growing) bank of ingredients that features a variety of fruits, nuts, vegetables and        toppings.
  •    Ways to save your creation to shop for the ingredients and make your salad.
  •    Easy ways to leave out ingredients you might not want, or are allergic to, in your salad.
  •    A quick and easy salad rating system so you’ll always be able to find your favorites.

imgres-3In addition, Salad Shake is a pay once and play app. It features no in-app purchases, no subscriptions or ads to distract from the main experience. The app is available exclusively for iPhone and iPad and is appropriate for all ages.

It’s easy to get bored of eating the same old things. Salad Shake brings in a new perspective on cooking, coming up with salad recipes and eating healthy for everybody. Just make sure to be careful when you shake your salads!

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