appiconGoldilocks and the three bears, by Craig Melbourne, is bloody brilliant! Yet another adaptation of the classic tale, this one will not disappoint, it is a dandy. The basic story is the same but the app is just delightful, chock full of discovery and exploration. We tried it out with some ESL students who were vaguely familiar with the story. We wish you could have seen the gleam in their eyes when all of their predictions came true, it was priceless. From sequencing to vocabulary, this app provides plenty of learning opportunities with just the right mix of interactivity. The humorous illustrations, cheeky narrative, and musical score are tiptop and the added twist to the tale pushes this rendition to the head of the class! Goldilocks and the three bears is simple and sweet, but has its surprise bangs. The subdued colors in the background of each page provide a contrast to the more colorful Goldilocks and the three bears. Oh, and did we mention, humorous? This Goldilocks, has lots of mischief on her mind and she steals the show as she ultimately creates chaos in the three bears’ house!

Sketch from the developers Facebook page!

Sketch from the developers Facebook page!

Playfuel is a small start-up of two Mums, who are creating digital books and games for children to support their learning and development. Goldilocks And The Three Bears is a beautiful and engaging app with a mixture of old-fashioned fairytale beauty and quirky modern references. It is aimed at children aged up to 6 yrs and has age appropriate games and puzzles, as well as traditional storytelling.
The Goldilocks app was created using the EYFS framework and as such supports:
  • literacy
  • shape and size recognition
  • construction
  •  awareness of personal feelings and the feelings of others.
All of this underpinned by children’s interest in new technology and playing games!


Help Goldilocks to fill her rumbling tummy, fix little bears chair and make amends for her naughtiness.

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One Response to Goldilocks and the three bears Book App

  1. Yuuri says:

    Good to know that this app supports awareness of feelings. Astroloquiz is somehow the same with this app. Though it is not about the feelings but the personality. If you’re a mom with 4 years old girl then Astroloquiz is a right app for her.

    Check the app here –