HalloweenPartyIconTogether Learning Media, Inc. is pleased to announce Halloween Party App, its newest seasonal collaborative app for kids. Halloween Party App is a multi-player party game for use in homes and classrooms. Up to 4 dressed-up children can challenge one another at a fast quiz game using a single iPad. With the aid of Dracula, slime, jack-o-lanterns, and monsters along with a large variety of kid-centric questions and riddles, Halloween Party App creates a ghastly atmosphere for Halloween. The app makes playing with friends and family in a multi-player party game more fun than ever. And it’s FREE until Oct 23rd!

Intended for an audience of 6 to 12-year-old vampires, princesses as well as superheroes, Halloween Party App is one of kind on the iTunes store. This app features images of bats and monsters and is full of jokes along with spooky monster trivia! Up to 4 players sit around their iPad and race to match the monster or riddle that appears before them to their 4 choices. The first player to win 3 rounds is the reigning terror!

What is school subject easy for a witch? That would be Spelling of course! Halloween Party App is addictive (just like sweet candy), scary (like vampires) and fun (like trick or treating!)

The party game includes spooky music to set the mood along with scary but cute drawings that are designed to give a somewhat frightening but playful feel to the game. Containing approximately 100 questions and images centered around Halloween the app provides an opportunity for kids to have fun while the hidden benefit is that they are receiving a boost in literacy skills by reading and another boost in social skills by playing together. Dave Wingler, Product Manager and Director of Together Learning Media, Inc. says the app has been designed to give kids an opportunity to interact with each other while using technology. “There are relatively few apps that give children the opportunity to come together in play on a single iPad. I’ve tried to model the success of some other apps I’m involved with by producing more apps built around small groups competing and collaborating.”

* Up to 4 players are able to compete for title of Halloween champion
* Tests knowledge on a variety of Halloween related (trivia, jokes and ghastly drawings)
* For use by children aged 6-11
* Users can add their own pictures and questions to the game

Available for iPad, Halloween Party App is Together Learning Media’s second production. The app is currently free but will be priced at $1.99 on the iTunes store. Created by a teacher, the game embraces a collaborative mood and will undoubtedly bring fun to Halloween night. Charming and festive, full of Halloween-themed questions and trivia makes it a fun game for parties.

About the Creator: Dave Wingler is a teacher who is working hard to create applications that bring children together in the learning process. Every download helps him accomplish his initiative to create tools for teachers who aim to create a social atmosphere in the technology-laden classroom. Please help him by spreading the word about his applications!

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