If I Ran the Circus – Dr. Seuss and Oceanhouse Media, was originally written in 1956, imagine that! It has been dusted off and updated for 2012, and as always, Oceanhouse Media has done a wonderful job of making Dr. Suess’ book readily available and FUN for the whole family! Who doesn’t like an old fashioned circus complete with SUPER Stoo-pendous updates and an emphasis on literacy. Morris McGurk takes an old vacant lot and turns it into a colossal, stupendous, astounding, fantastic, terrific and tremendous experience for all. What we enjoyed the most was the ruckus of sounds that every page brings and what it does for the imagination. From the pouring of lemonade out of a silo, to wild exotic animal noises, to crowds cheering and of course, the whip of the words during the juggling spot. The illustrations are original yet make the book look modern day, with race cars on elevated track and antics that look inconceivable, even today! The kids love when Mr. Sneelock, the star of the show, plunges down 4,692 feet into the tiny fishbowl, pipe and all…..

These are the captivating daydreams of the young boy, Morris McGurk, behind Sneelock’s Store… where his dreams come alive. A wonderful tribute to the the whimsical antics of Theodore Seuss Geisel.

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