Jiji New Logo Nov 2014Jiji’s Art & Buzz Machine is a new idea in kid’s apps, an app that acts like a website. Started and owned independently. Get everything done in one unique optimized place for kids and parents. For ages 3-12: art, music, text, e-mail, built-in messenger, books, sharing, stickers, emojis and find out more about our new feature Language Club.Cubbie Language Club allows kids as young as three to have access to English, French, German, Italian and Spanish word basics simultaneously.


One of very few apps to:

*Provide features for such a wide age group (3-12) that allows parents to get so much done for so many members of the family in one convenient place. A highlight of probable interests by age:

JiJi My Friends




3-5: Coloring, alphabet, numbers, Language Club

8-11: Books (age of reading independently without mom or dad), stickers, Language Club

12: Emojis, built-in messenger, Language Club



JiJi Message in a Bottle



*Include a built-in messenger for the 3-12 age group. Message in a Bottle is a safe place to keep up with your kid’s friends and connect with their grandma and grandpa through art.

*Language Club. Grow your child’s vocabulary and get your kids familiar with languages before they start language classes at school. (Disclaimer: We do not claim to be an educational app.)



JiJi Profiles

JiJi Editor-1


Find out more about our app and Language Club. Check out the link:



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