It’s a great time for new beginnings: Jayne Clare and Lipa Learning have recently joined up in mutual collaboration. The two companies met at the Digital Kids Sandbox Summit in Boston and hit it off immediately! Just one month later, Jayne visited Lipa’s extensive offices in Prague and met their wonderful staff. It didn’t take much to convince Jayne that this was the real deal! For the past three years, Lipa Learning has been busy working on perfecting their Curriculum Design and preschool products and is now ready to spread the word and reach families everywhere. What a beautiful idea!

imgres-5Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jo Booth has been expertly going through each of Lipa’s apps with a fine tooth comb, looking for ways to optimize them for the U.S. market.

To date, Lipa’s developed a set of seventeen brilliant preschool apps, along with four e-books still in the works.

Holistic Development – Childhood isn’t a duty, it’s an exploration.


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