mzl.udszotvm.175x175-75Discover Kidz Talk and set your children on a path to success. Kidz Talk is an interactive question and answer app that lets your child communicate their individual experiences. The good news is, this app is FREE Friday April 18th to Sunday April 20th and Friday May 2nd!

Learning to understand and accurately respond to questions is a fundamental skill for children to learn.  Kidz Talk is a question and answer game that helps children learn to think thoughtfully about their daily experiences, emotions, and interactions with others.  Clicking on one of the 56 colorful stickers leads your child to an energetic recording asking who, what, when, where, and why questions, and allows your child to record and rerecord his answer.

Kidz Talk is a great tool for parents, educators, and speech therapists.  It allows caretakers to work with children in a multi-sensory environment, and even teaches social sharing skills by allowing the child, with supervision, to text or email their creative answers or messages to family and friends.  The app teaches critical thinking and creates a love for the art of communication. It is designed for children of all ages and communication levels, and also aids children that are speech or language delayed, autistic, or shy.

The app helps children develop the following skills, which are aligned to the Speech Common Core Standards

– listening and thematic comprehension
– speaking and pronouncing words and ideas
– engage in Q&A communication
– use their creativity to answer questions as different characters
– share their own words by email or text

Kidz Talk is available for download on the App Store‘s Education category, is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and is available globally.

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  1. […] Discover Kidz Talk and set your children on a path to success. Kidz Talk is an interactive question and answer app that lets your child communicate their individual experiences.  […]