imgres-7Lars and Friends by Carla Susanto is described by the developers on their homepage as Artisanal Children’s Storybook App Series. We wholeheartedly agree, this spectacularly simple app is a must have for several reasons! First off, children as well as adults appreciate the exceptional artwork, it is truly outstanding. Second, the story is enchanting and well executed; it celebrates language and reads like a poem.

IMG_0240A gorgeous red horse (that’s right RED) is the main character; he spends a full day with other animals in this unassuming story with just enough interactivity to compliment the plot. Lars ventures out and has a delightful journey with a bundle of different animal friends. This app is designed to expand upon vocabulary while reinforcing the names of familiar animals. Lars swims with a school of fish, jumps with a mob of kangaroos, and looks for food with a colony of ants. After lunch he then takes a long walk with a memory of elephants, is invited to take shelter from the rain with a tower of giraffes. As he plays, readers learn the names of groups of animals, from a knot of frogs to a tribe of monkeys. At the stories end, Lars basks in the moonlight with a parliament of owls and takes a dip with a bevy of swans. Lars is described as a quirky, kind, and affable horse in the credits and we look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

IMG_0241This app contains puzzles that challenge kids to make the animals whole again. There is also a learning grid to reinforce the vocabulary words for each animal’s group name.

Lars and Friends is a US-made, critically acclaimed interactive book app for preschooler’s that is designed to promote language learning.


One of Ten Final Shortlist of 2015 Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award Winners “…successful combination of storytelling and information, executed in a very elegant, manual technique.”




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