imagesJam Along with Mibblio, by Mibblio, is impressive right from the get-go! This state of the art engaging musical storybook app allows children to read, sing, and play music, all while learning the basics of music composition. Inside Mibblio is a world of beautiful MIBBLETS — illustrated story-songs that invite children to read along, sing along, and jam along. This app contains nine different illustrated story-songs and an unlimited combination of musical instrument combinations. Mibblio will immediately engage your child; this app just screams play with me, please! It will bring out the natural curiosity that all children have and will nurture the creative side, instilling an ear for music. You might want to get ready to partake in some dancing, as well as singing, as your child gets in the groove with a variety of tunes. Each story-song has gorgeous illustrations, all of which are done by some major talent. Of course, the music has more than its fair share of talent as well!

We went to the library in search of some youngsters to try this app with. Kids and parents were overwhelmingly impressed with their own musical abilities. The app was music to the parent’s ears in many ways as they were able to chat amongst themselves as the youngsters were preoccupied while exploring Mibblio and delighted with all of the different music that they could produce.url


noun \ˈmib-lət\



When you download the app from the App Store, you can select one Mibblet as a free download. Each additional story-song is $2.99. Some of the songs are well-known classics. Others are new, but are an excellent addition to the classic children’s songs. The nine story songs currently available are:

  • The Wheels on the Bus: Music by Rob Corradetti and Sam Rubin. Illustrated by Kim Sielbeck.
  • Old MacDonald: Music arranged by Sammy Rubin, featuring Andy Statman. Illustrated by Chelsea Kenna.
  • On Top of Spaghetti: Illustrated by Mattia Cerato. Music performed by Union Street Preservation Society.
  • The Mashed Potato Monster Gang: Story by Heather Hirshfield and Ed RosenBerg III. Illustrated by Larry 3. Music by Ed RossenBerg III.
  • Monkey Jamboree: Story and music by Michael Farkas. Illustrated by Beatrice Costamagna.
  • I Like ‘em Sunny Side Up: Music and lyrics by Ryan Langlois. Illustrated by Valentina Belloni. Performed by The Third Wheel Band.
  • Millie and Her Curling, Whirling Hair: Story by Molly Simms. Illustrated by Jenny Herbert. Music by Sammy Rubin.
  • Superhero Vacation: Written and performed by Alana Amram and Jim Campilongo. Illustrated by Travis King.
  • Wibblesmacks!: Written and illustrated by Jeremy Hines. Music by Sammy RubinThe magic happens when your child begins to engage with the app.

The magic happens when your child begins to engage with the app, the possibilities are endless, the experience like non-other. What are you waiting? We guarantee you’ll be humming a tune and doing a jig in no time!


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