226426_463599047047312_165426021_nPopular music app developer Musopia has confirmed its support of the guitar industry by joining the Guitar and Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA) for 2013.

The purpose of GAMA is to build a robust guitar industry through the promotion of guitar playing, and Musopia is working to further this objective as a member of the 80-year-old industry association. GAMA pursues its goal through the introduction of programs that support guitar education in schools. Through its support of GAMA, and with its educational music app offerings, Musopia is ensuring a strong market for guitar products for years to come.

“Musopia is proud to support GAMA’s mission to help tens of thousands of children receive guitar instruction each year,” said Paula Lehto, marketing director for Musopia. “GAMA is creating a musical legacy that will last decades.”

“The mission of Musopia is the same as GAMA — we want to give people a better chance to enjoy making music,” Lehto said. “Our FourChords Guitar Karaoke app makes learning to play new songs easier than ever before, which keeps beginner guitarists motivated and having fun. The faster they can learn to play the songs they love, the more excited they are to learn more.”

Musopia has received excellent feedback from classroom music teachers as well as private guitar instructors who use the FourChords app as a teaching tool. In fact, according to a Finnish Music Startups survey of people who play an instrument as a hobby, as many as two-thirds (68%) of the respondents reported using some kind of music software to assist them in singing or playing an instrument.

“I think the music education revolution has started; the Internet and mobile technology are changing the way people are learning music,” Lehto added. “We are very excited to be the first app developer member in GAMA, and we want to support music teachers to explore the possibilities of these new technologies in the classroom.”

For more information on Musopia and the FourChords Guitar Karaoke app, please visit www.fourchords.com. For more information about supporting guitar education and the guitar industry, visit GAMA’s website at www.discoverguitar.com.

About Musopia Ltd
Based in Helsinki, Finland, Musopia Ltd. is a mobile app development firm dedicated to creating fresh and innovative music software. As a team of guitar enthusiasts and IT professionals, Musopia created FourChords as an instant solution for both aspiring guitarists and professionals who want access to a song library on the go. FourChords is the first app launched by Musopia, and has already been ranked as the #1 Music App in the Finnish App Store.

About GAMA
The Guitar & Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA) is a trade association comprised of guitar makers and guitar accessory suppliers. The purpose of the organization is to expand and grow the market for guitar products and to convene in the spirit of building a better industry. GAMA programs have brought guitar instruction to 1.28 million students and influenced $167 million in sales of guitar products.

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