News-O-Matic School Edition 2014-2015,
the Daily News App for Elementary and
Middle School Students, just launched

“…In my ten years of teaching, I have never come across a publication that was this effective in capturing the attention of the students, making them want to learn and understand more…”
Layla B, Public School Teacher, Philadelphia

mzl.qmzbioyb.175x175-75Digital publisher Press4Kids (P4K) is pleased to announce the launch of News-O-Matic, School Edition 2014-15, an educational news app for elementary and middle school students. This groundbreaking app for all Apple mobile devices, covers current events, sports, science, and much more, in an innovative and kid-friendly way, helping young readers experience the news in a safe and interactive manner, and encouraging them to become well-informed global citizens.

A daily news app that includes five news stories, detailed images, videos, illustrations, maps, timelines, and games, News-O-Matic creates a news experience that engages, educates and entertains. And kids can interact with the Editor-in-Chief in the “News Room” section of the app, by rating stories, drawing pictures, asking questions or expressing opinions about current topics.

News-O-Matic also adds value for educators by providing a daily Teacher’s Guide with precise lexile levels and correlations to the CCSS, which includes discussion topics, comprehension questions, and graphic organizers that will further reinforce knowledge across many subject areas. The News-O-Matic Teacher’s Guide will help educators inspire kids to become habitual news readers throughout the school day as part of:

  • Morning meetings – (What happened in the world since yesterday?)
  • The library experience– (An interactive daily periodical)
  • Small reading groups – (Non-fiction reading on current events)
  • Themed discussion groups (Students create presentations from articles they’ve read)
  • Writing assignments  (Students write reports showcasing what they’ve learned)
  • Curriculum units – (Current Events, Science, Sports, Social Studies, Math, etc.)

The News-O-Matic team is comprised of dedicated journalists and educators led by Editor-in-Chief Russell Kahn, an award-winning author of educational books. Each grade-appropriate and easy-to-understand article is fully aligned with Common Core State Standards and is reviewed by an on-staff child psychologist to ensure that the content is safe for kids.

“In our media-saturated culture, children are inundated with news – but at an adult-level,” commented Lillian Holtzclaw Stern, Press4Kids Co-Founder. “We created News-O-Matic to provide kids with a news resource that they can read and understand and that satisfies their curiosity about the current events throughout in the world.”

News-O-Matic is 100% ad-free and is available through Apple’s VPP. Please contact for pricing details and to arrange a free trial edition.

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  1. Jackie Bryla says:

    Great!! A must have app!