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FROGAPP-Cvr-SmFrogs are cool. They are also LOUD. And each type of frog has a unique sound. Can you imitate the call of a green frog? A bullfrog? A tree frog? An American toad? The new Noisy Frog Book-App, based on the book Noisy Frog Sing-Along, challenges children to learn frog sounds and match their sound waves with the correct species.

This app is both entertaining and highly educational—perfect for the kid who is fascinated by nature and wants to know more. Did you know that frogs “sing” without ever opening their mouths? This app also introduces children to sound waves and the science of sound.

It expands upon the book Noisy Frog Sing-Along written and illustrated by a frog expert, John Himmelman.  Noisy Frog Book-App is a wonderful introduction to the noisy, busy world of frogs and toads. Plus it’s a perfect way for the whole family to have fun by listening to frogs, imitating them, and identifying them.


« Play the game at the end by matching each frog’s sound (and sound wave) with the correct species–watch what happens if you choose the wrong frog!
«Extreme close-up artwork is scientifically accurate.
« Choose between “Read to Me” and “Read to Myself.”
« Touch the frogs or jiggle the screen to watch them fill their big, bulgy throat pouches with air to produce sounds!

« Hear actual recorded frog and toad sounds.

« Have fun with onomatopoeia – sing along with the author as he imitates the sounds.
« Includes interesting extra information about each featured species.
« All information is scientifically accurate. The author is an expert on amphibians.

Wherever he travels, he seeks out a local pond to see who’s hopping. He has written and illustrated several books on frogs and salamanders, including Discovering Amphibians: The Frogs and Salamanders of the Northeast, a book for adults chronicling his search for every species of amphibian in the Northeast. John is the author and illustrator of over 75 books for children.

App Store link to Noisy Frog Sing-Along

See the app in action:

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