Mindprint Learning Expert Review of ScreenChomp by TechSmith

imgres-5ScreenChomp by TechSmith is a simple-to-use interactive white-board on which students and teachers can draw and record one page presentations which can be shared easily. Teachers can use this virtual whiteboard to record mini-lessons or give a problem example that can then be viewed at home to help during homework. Students can create a video explaining a concept or solving a problem, or just use ScreenChomp as a fun way to send simple one page messages to friends. The app’s straight-forward functionality makes it easy to import pictures and diagrams and then write explanatory notes on or just have fun. Since students can record and listen to a voice-over, it can be a helpful tool to encourage and develop speaking and listening skills. While ScreenChomp does not offer all the features of other presentation software and is limited to one screen per file, its simplicity makes it very usable and enjoyable for a broad age range.


  • PROS
    Very straightforward to use and easy to share screens.
    There are countless ways students can use this app to write and record videos for each other and their teachers.
    Provides teachers an easy way to send visual and audio information which can be easily accessed anywhere.
    Only one screen can be created and one image used at a time, which is relatively limited compared to other platforms.

imgres-9-150x1501Mindprint is an educational company that facilitates student success through an in-depth understanding of learning strengths and needs. The company offers the only online valid self-administered cognitive assessment which was developed in the Brain Behavior Lab at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.


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