Scribble Press is an amazing app that lets you be the author and illustrator as you create your own books. This is one cool tool! Kids can use their imaginations while writing, illustrating, and publishing an ibook, which can then be shared. Wait, it’s get better. This app is not only FREE, it is phenomenal! There are three parts: My Books, My Drawings and Gallery. Scribble Press was created by two moms, Anna Barber and Darcy Pollack, who were following their childhood dream when they created a place for kids and families to write, illustrate and publish their own books. Anna adds, “I am a lifelong book lover and grew up in a publishing family in New York City.  I started the company five years ago, Scribble Press operates retail studios where kids publish their own books in NYC and LA.”

Fast forward… their retail studios are such a success, they decided to go digital. Now anyone can make a book and actually get a real copy sent directly to their mailbox starting at $9.99. No other app offers that service! What a delight in this digital age that kids can get a hardcopy of their own creation. “Most kids draw well before they write well,” says Anna. “The iPad is a good medium for that, but the computer isn’t… The minute [the iPad] came out, I thought it was the perfect channel for what we were trying to do.” They use Faber-Castell materials and even have an e-shop, so don’t feel bad if you can’t make it to CA or NY.

Scribble Press for iPad makes it easy to create a book on the iPad.  Children, and grownups too, can write original stories or use one of over 50 story templates, draw using over 500 drawing tools, upload photos or original artwork and instantly publish in the ebook gallery or share with friends anywhere in the world.” — Scribble Press Team

Got writers block? Don’t like your own drawing? No problem, they’ve got you covered in every conceivable way. There are 50 story templates to get you started as well as all the goodies listed below:

  • over 500 drawing tools, including markers and stamps in a vast array of colors
  • a unique sticker collection
  • your own photo library
  • an easy and fun to use book layout tool
  • sharing tools that make it easy to show the world – or just family and friends – your great finished product!
  • PLUS, you can use Scribble Press for iPad to read books created by other kids, from all around the world!

“There are several classrooms using it in the US and abroad”, shares Anna. This is a perfect fit for the classroom. It could be part of writers workshop or set up as a station/center for students to use instead of paper and pencil. From our perspective, the publishing feature is the real draw. As teachers, we would like to have the ability to turn on or off certain extras, to promote the creative writing process as well as the illustrating, during a structured activity. This could be used in any subject area from social studies to science to math, and of course ELA. Also, a great way to see if students understand a concept.  It would be great for homework as well as classwork. We found our creative students were very drawn to this app and with time, we saw other less creative kids taking risks. Overall, this is a great app for fun, or for assignments in those schools lucky enough to be implementing iPads into their classrooms. Exciting news, scribble press will soon offer board books – so your toddler can get published!

 Scribble Press is dedicated to inspiring and empowering all kids to create and share their stories. Scribble Press for iPad takes the fun of doodles and imagining and turns it into the satisfaction of creating a finished story. 

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8 Responses to Scribble Press

  1. […] Scribble Press is an amazing app that lets you be the author and illustrator as you create your own books.  […]

  2. […] Scribble Press is an amazing app that lets you be the author and illustrator as you create your own books.  […]

  3. tim says:

    Please help – Is it possible to add text to a scribble press book anywhere on the page, or just at the bottom? Thanks in advance for your advice on how to do this!

  4. Jan Stelmaszewski says:

    My class also loves Scribblepress. I just have a question. Some of the students are randomly losing their pages. I’m just learning how to use the program and wondering what we’re doing to cause this and how we can remedy the situation.
    Thanks so much,

  5. Allison Millspaugh says:

    I am a 3rd grade teacher with a classroom of 25 eager writers this year! We recently were fortunate enough to have a set of iPads donated to our grade level. Scribble Press has taken off in my classroom like wildfire, and it is thrilling to see my students discover new writing and artistic strengths as they navigate through the app. Everyday they can’t wait to use iPads and their app of choice is Scribble Press! Our plan is to do several workshops and then develop one story per student to publish and exhibit at our annual Celebration of the Arts!

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