Target Sound ID, by Foundations Developmental House, LLC is a gorgeous collection of photographs that ask children to concentrate on the initial word sound, final word sound, and random sound identification. What makes Target Sound so appealing is the slick and varied set of photographs. They are wonderful for student engagement, as well as for reinforcing vocabulary. The interface is extremely simple to use and the audio is crisp and clear. This app was made with Speech & Language Pathologists in mind. We found that the app lends itself to a any primary student, with or without speech services. The main focus is on the sound that each letter makes, called a phoneme.

Target sound identification promotes literacy development as well as sound identification during speech production tasks. Memory also plays a small part in this task, as the child must internally hold onto the word in their mind while analyzing the sound in a specific position of the target word. 

You have the option to choose to work on initial (first) sound identification, final (last) sound identification, or initial and final randomized.

• First Sound
• Last Sound
• Random

The child must identify the beginning sound or ending sound in a target word. This activity develops the ability to break words into smaller parts and recognize smaller parts in words. Being able to break words into smaller parts ,and recognize sounds within words, is an important skill necessary for reading and spelling.

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