0647755008821744A recent article in the New York Times entitled: The Cruel Waste of America’s Tech Talent, describes the apparent disconnect between society and four immigrant boys from a small town. This Tech Savvy Team Wins Top Prize – then loses all…

This ragtag group from Carl Hayden Community High School in West Phoenix constructed the robot out of cheap plastic tubing and garbage. The industrial glue they used to bond PCV pipe smelled so bad, they called their invention, Stinky. The other entrants — almost all college students — had corporate sponsors and serious budgets. This was an underwater robotics contest, but their school didn’t even have a swimming pool. Nonetheless, Stinky came in first place!


Angie Wang

These under-dogs go on to beat the best schools in the country, including MIT, to win the national underwater robot championship. This piece written by Joshua Davis explains the difficulties that these four young, incredibly driven, and self-taught tech savvy students faced as they rose to fame only to lose their dreams and opportunity to pursue their passion for robotics. The story, which is soon to be released into a movie is a bitter sweet or rather, sweet then bitter, tale of four young high school boys. The story spans four years in the lives of these students and the transformation they go through, I think we need to thank the teachers! With drive, work ethic and perseverance the four boys rose to the occasion and out did themselves preparing for the competition sponsored by NASA and the Navy. The evening of the awards, they first received accolades from the judges for a spontaneously made, new category, it was to honor special achievement. Thinking that this was the only prize for their entry and that they had simply won an honorable mention as that of a special team, they go on against all odds to actually WIN first place in the nation’s most distinguished robotics competition! Much to their own amazement this team walked away with the  top prize, beating some of the most brilliant minds in major ivy league universities! The future looked bright for these four creative, out of the box thinkers that toiled away with minimal resources other than teamwork and brain power. Not to be, you will have to read the article or wait for the movie to be released to find out what happened…

Read the rest of this story from the New York Times HERE or for the in-depth version published in Wired Magazine, read HERE.

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