The Flitlits’ series FREE over the Easter Weekend

The Three Incredible Interactive Storybooks: The author/ concept creator, Eiry Rees Thomas, is introducing The Flitlits to the digital age with the support of the Creative Industries Sector of the Welsh Government. Progress to date has been made possible due to the enthusiastic collaboration of TEAM FLITLIT. The designated READING AGE  is 8 – 11 years, associated with a considerably wider INTEREST AGE. There are English, Welsh and U.S. English versions of the TEXT and NARRATION. Each app in the series is action-packed, with exciting, atmospheric imagery.

LINE-BY-LINE HIGHLIGHTING is a targeted feature that has been carefully considered, allowing the author’s unique lyrical voice to prevail in an auditory and a visual sense for best effect.

400x400bb-2The Funny Fair, the first book in the series is a wild ride through a very different kind of fair. You never know who may float by or what will happen next. Play games and take a ride on the Go-Ghost Train or visit the hall of mirrors where Hubert the ghost is taking pictures, you’ll be sure to enjoy it! Jester Bit, the main character, has a heart of gold, but loves to play pranks. In this first book, his friends try to turn the tide and outsmart Jester, but he overhears of the plot, and a chase ensues. When his friends catch up and deliver their prank on Jester, he takes it with good humor and dreams of tricks for another day.

400x400bb-3A Ferry to Airy is the second volume of the Flitlits series. Jester, feeling blue and bored, is coaxed out to explore the island with a friend. They meet the Soak Folks – a spongy crew looking for a sunny spot to live. When Jester accidently falls into the sailing ship, the ship has taken off and he goes on an adventure with these wet-fearing peoples. And on a far off island, the Soak Folk get into trouble with the inhabitants. Jester comes to save the day, rescuing the Soak Folk, and they return him to Fussbut, a few friends heavier.

400x400bb-4A Shine Show Shock, the third volume in the Flitlit’s series, finds Jester, worried about his competition at the Shine Show (the Flitits’ talent show). He so wants to win the coveted Shine Show Star. After spying on his friends preparing for the show, feels badly for their sadness and sorrow, and ends up helping his friends in the end. The story, with a time-honored theme, brings forth a unique and powerful twist.

unnamedThese books are classics, and foster attention and a love for the written word. It opens up discussions on many topics, and encourages exploration and off screen play. The educator’s guide is truly outstanding and will be an asset in helping children grab on to that spark of imagination. And that is what makes these stories so remarkable as anything can happen as it does in Seldom See or in your very own room. Highly, Highly Recommended and a TWA favorite and Top Pick. Read TWA review by Jo Booth HERE


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