The Latest Apps Released by Dr. Panda


Candy FactoryThis sweet app is designed for multiplayer use and it is a good thing since making candy is hard work. Kids can compete or help each other accomplish the same end product with the use of robotic tools, mysterious blue potions, and interactive sprinkles – this game takes the cake when it come to exemplifying what Dr. Panda has come to represent: unguided & uninhibited exploration. BTW, this can only be achieved by children – don’t think because you are an adult eating candy know-it-all you will be able to abandon all and go with the free-flowing gobs of chocolate. Kid recommended ****

images-1SpaceThis extraterrestrial app takes the Dr. Panda Crew on an excursion of a lifetime, the last frontier in and about SPACE and beyond! 3… 2… 1… Lift off with a new Dr. Panda in Space update! Our kid reviewers were smitten with the rocket ship and had it careening from one planet to the next. It was great to hear kids naming the planets as they veered near UFO’s and crashed into alien celestial beings. In this updated version delve deeper into space, explore new planets, and a brand new mini-game! Help Dr. Panda and refuel the rocket ship and help friends by fixing their broken satellite – yikes, watch out for that black hole! Kid recommended ****

imagesCarnivalThis familiar setting is chock full of activities and by far the most fun for the kids we worked with because they liked all the “different activities” and also enjoyed controlling the pace and antics of this whimsical outing. Prizes, dress-up, popcorn, face painting are just the tip of the iceberg on this whirlwind of an adventure. This funfair can keep your little ones involved and active for long stretches and we noticed that this happened to be on the top of the list when it came to revisits. Kids couldn’t seem to get enough of this app and listed it as their TOP FAV! Kid recommended *****

images-3FirefightersIn this app kids are exposed to yet another popular and familiar topic to peruse and explore at their own pace. Of course, they may have to hurry now and then to help put out the fire and rescue their friends! Also, a top pick of the kids we worked with as they revelled in the idea of driving a fire engine and had the opportunity to control their own destiny within the app. This creative play is intuitive while it never ceases to surprise and bring on the smiles! Great role playing and modeling happening within this app and a focus on spatial relations and one-to-one correspondence with matching activities. Kid recommended *****

candy factory

Dr. Panda & friends eating the candy we made!

Dr. Panda’s combination of role play elements, open-ended play and expressive characters is what makes our games so loved by children. We believe kids love to perform activities which they can relate to but are too small for in real life like being a cook, a bus driver, or a doctor. With Dr. Panda and his animal friends, kids get to explore everyday situations in a safe and playful environment.


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  1. James Donald says:

    Apps change the world, no doubt today’s need, save time, save cost, and help kids and students to make them enjoy much better education environment.

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