Chosen into premium selection “Best 15 Apps of 2013” by Cult of Mac & “Best Apps for iPhone and iPad 2013” by 9to5Mac.

vert_logo_bigHave you ever found yourself abroad and got confused about how much things really cost? Or how many miles exactly is the 42 kilometres to the next destination? Or about the right size of a shoe that was calling your name from the window of that chic shop? If you got at least one YES, than Vert is the answer for your problem. Vert is a intuitive universal iOS unit and currency converter. It’s your best friend on the road –  it offers fast, precise and easy on the eye solutions. Let it be the currency, length, weight, clothing or cooking sizes – it is all in the mix. You can also personalise it to meet your requirements at its best.



There is a free version – Vert Lite. It delivers the same flawless experience as Vert 2, only with limited content. if you afterwards want the whole package simply unlock the remaining categories and themes.



. For best ACCURACY formula based converting is used
. GREAT SEARCH feature – find units by name or code, find currencies also by country
. OFFLINE conversions
. The simplest way to create and use favorite lists
. Choose the category you want to launch the app with
. Full screen list view on demand
. CALCULATOR at hand [ + – × ÷ ]
. Automatic decimal place adjustment
. Conversion HISTORY log
. URL scheme support (more at
. Fleksy keyboard support


. OVER 900 UNITS in 34 categories
. 164 CURRENCIES with automatic updates
. COMPOUND units (e.g. foot + inch, pound + ounce)
. Clothing, hat and shoe size converter
. Complete COOKING category
. Chinese units
. Japanese units


. Elegant and PIXEL-PERFECT design
. Refined typography
. Personalisation to suit you needs
. 16 colourful themes (matching with all new iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices)

App Store Vert 2:

App Store Vert Lite (free version):



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