Wonderbox EDU is a break-through in elementary educational technology. Surrounded by ho-hum apps that have little educational value, Wonderbox EDU is a shining beacon of innovation and creativity. While Wonderbox EDU is still in beta testing and cannot be found in the app store, I predict that once it reaches the public, it will quickly become the favorite app of many elementary teachers. Wonderbox EDU is designed by the remarkable engineers at Duck, Duck Moose. Not to be confused with Wonderbox, Wonderbox EDU is specifically designed for elementary classrooms. In my opinion, this app is a simplified. colorful, super-engaging version of Google Classroom. Students can electronically turn-in digital work to their teachers. Teachers and students can then communicate through the digital environment with each other.   What sets Wonderbox EDU apart from Google Classroom is that assignments can include audio recordings, stickers, drawing tools, text, a variety of animations, or a combination of all of the above making differentiation of assignments simple.   Imagine snowflakecreating one assignment for ALL students, which allows for a multitude of options for the final product. Sam can record his answers, Tony can use text, while Suzette uses the drawing tools. My students designed book covers for a book they had read in class, created a new animal with adaptations for a specific habit, completed a Venn Diagram, designed Mothers Day cards, and a host of other activities. Most importantly, the app is easy to use for both teachers and students.

Even more amazingly, Wonderbox EDU, offers students and teachers a wide variety of quality pre-made activities. Each activity is created and designed by certified teachers. Many of the activities include a host of pre-watched, pre-approved You Tube videos pertaining to the topic at hand. For example, a project titled, “Design a Snowflake,” includes several educational videos pertaining to the unique nature of a snowflake, how they are made, and how to make your own. The tools included with the activity include everything students will need to create their own symmetrical snowflakes. Duck, Duck, Moose has even gone so far as to organize the hundred or so activities into easy to find categories, such as Drawing, Science, History, Animals, and many others. Children love going into the app, finding an activity, and completing it for pure enjoyment.

wbchallengesTo add to the fun, Wonderbox EDU rewards students with coins for each completed and/or shared project. The coins can be used to purchase additional stickers and tools for projects. This allows students to unlock their favorite stickers while preventing them for being overwhelmed with the thousands of stickers that are embedded in the app.

Communicating with fellow students and their teachers is also an aspect that draws children in. In my classroom, students frequently yell to each other across the room to show-off their work. Wonderbox EDU solves this problem by allowing students to digitally share their projects with one another. To ensure safety, students cannot communicate with anyone outside of their own classroom and teachers also have the ability to monitor all student communications.

I adore this app! The options that are included are as diverse as our students. Meeting students’ needs has never been easier or more fun! When this app is ready for download, be ready, because your classroom will NEVER be the same! If you’d like to learn more about Wonderbox EDU, watch the student review at: http://www.teacherswithapps.com/wonderbox-edu-student-video-review/


If you’d like to take part in the beta-testing of Wonderbox EDU, go to http://bit.ly/WonderBeta.

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