#1 Math Games App for Kids in Preschool & Kindergarten



#1 Math Games App for Kids in Preschool & Kindergarten - Singapore maths learning method: fun games, interactive worksheets and activities free by Kids Academy



The Kids Academy Co. is known for its high-quality apps that feature fun and stimulating games geared towards early learners in preschool, kindergarten, and beyond. The Singapore Maths App is one such app available through the App Store and Google Play that goes far beyond the reaches of everyday math apps. Before taking a look at this engaging app, you may be wondering, “What is Singapore math, and how can it help my child?” This is a very good question since Singapore math sounds like it is something that is not implemented in the United States, but that is actually not true. More teachers and homeschool curricula apply Singapore math methods to help improve math skills amongst young children. In fact, Common Core math was created with a similar mindset of Singapore math. Like Common Core math, which is being taught in much of the country, Singapore math also emphasizes encouraging students to understand math, rather than simply memorizing math rules. Both systems prioritize manipulatives and visuals to teach math concepts, and discourage “drill and kill” learning. Already, it is possible to see how Kids Academy math games can benefit children. Key Features, Functionality, and Design Something wonderful about the Singapore Maths App is that it personalizes the games to the child’s individual age between ages 2-6. This allows your child to practice learning math skills that are age appropriate, and kids can advance at their own rate. Once logged into the app, you will notice the following features:
  • Bright, colorful images that feature farm animals and an outdoor theme
  • A parent mode that can adjust settings as needed
  • An intuitive pacing sequence that allows kids to advance at their own pace
  • Levels upon levels of practice
  • Repetition of skills to allow for learning
  • Different screens filled with skills that progressively get more challenging
It is easy to see how this app is beneficial to children learning and practicing new math skills. With so many leveled games and a pacing map to help children advance in a sequential manner, it’s obvious that kids will build upon their skills in a way that could not be achieved plainly through school or homework. Furthermore, since the games themselves use the Singapore math method, kids can expect to be led through counting and basic math concepts through groupings of visuals that will help them understand math at a much deeper level. Something noteworthy is the quality of the games that children will use to practice math while playing with this app. The app itself is extremely responsive, with clear instructions for young learners, and easy-to-play games that will not confuse young children. The images are fun and meant to keep kids wanting to play. In review, the Kids Academy Singapore Maths App does an excellent job at helping young learners practice and learn math skills and concepts in a way that other apps simply can’t. Find Singapore Maths App on the AppStore: Math Games App for Kids in Preschool & Kindergarten and Google Play: #1 Math Games: Singapore Maths App
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