10 Traits and Techniques of a Highly Effective Teacher

standardized-test-cartoon-picture 10 Traits and Techniques of a Highly Effective TeacherBeing a great teacher is about making connections directly with each and every student. I can still remember having a great teacher in 5th grade, who asked us to diagram the inner workings of a flower and label the parts, instead of just looking at a picture in an outdated textbook and expecting us to understand it. I learned early on what really stayed with me or turned me on were project-based activities. Teaching has always been a creative outlet for me and I carry that through in my approach to instruction. Technology has and will continue to be a primary motivation for children and therefore it is one of the most effective tools in today’s educational landscape. Great teachers have many commonalities and they live forever in the minds of former students. Traits such as creativity, a sense of awe, compassion, and caring are just a few of the merits that contribute to a great teacher. Being a great teacher has little to do with curriculum, test scores, or the criteria for neat handwriting. images-2Being a great teacher is about student driven learning, letting go of the lecturing and simply putting the student in the driver’s seat. Students learn best by experiencing learning that is physical, emotional, intellectual and of interest to them personally. Remember, being a great teacher is about making connections directly with each and every student.
  1. The most effective teachers expect infinite accomplishments from their students, and they don't accept anything but the best. In education, high expectations can shape a students’ career. Teachers that believe each and every student can go above and beyond give the children the confidence to make it happen.
  2.  The greatest teachers think way outside that box, they are creative, imaginative, and don’t let the four walls of a classroom get in the way of their student’s learning experiences.
  3.  The finest teachers seek ways to give their students a real world application for knowledge, taking learning to the next level. They utilize all of the learning modalities and understand that sitting may not be conducive to many learning scenarios.
  4.  The master teacher practices modeling to teach and uses positive reinforcement to inspire students to feel as though they can reach for the stars. That teacher is always available to all students.
  5.  The best teachers are flexible and understanding, they were a multitude of different hats in any given day and understand that teachable moments need to be seized and acted upon. Lesson plans are just a road map.
  6.  The great teachers are life long learners, they are curious, confident, and are always evolving and growing. They are not afraid of change; they embrace it.
  7.  The most effective teachers seize the new and redefine the old. They confidently move into the future especially with anything to do with STEM.
  8. The greatest teachers know how to admit their own mistakes and create a lesson right there on the spot. These teachers help their students learn from their own mistakes and teach children to laugh at themselves.
  9. Top teachers admit it when they don't know the answer, they facilitate and motivate learners to use critical thinking skills to search for answers and go beyond the fill in the blank mentality.
  10. The best teachers create an atmosphere that promotes learning by making an inviting learning environment. The classroom is not over stimulating but does have color and an aura of life to it. There are always exciting on-going projects.
  Permission to repost Cartoon by Mike Keefe Keefe-WebLogo  
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  1. RosieCulbert

    I enjoyed reading your ways to become an effective teacher.